as a huge bingsu fan, I mark on my name that this bingsu’s one of the best few I’ve tried.

CIMG0100 copy

the shops located near Jogyesa Temple which is near Insadong. for 16,000won, you get a whole melon to yourself and another cup filled with bingsu for you to pour in when you’re done with the first one. plus, it might seem like there aren’t a lot of melon. but they are secretly buried underneath the shaved ice. not the smoothest shave ice but taste wise? I’ll give it a 9.5 and presentation wise 10/10!!!

CIMG0101 copy

hello Jia Yii! this bingsu isn’t meant for 2 people =S. have it with at least 3 people. huge huge portion

CIMG0106 copy

16,000won is not cheap for just bingsu, but for melon bingsu? I’d say go for it.

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