since I’ve blogged about how some Korean people can be.. not so nice, it’s only fair if I posted about how nice some Koreans can be! =D. I’ve actually posted about this on Facebook a few days back because I was genuinely thankful and touched. so here it goes!

basically, my best friend sent me a parcel from Japan and mistakenly sent it to my old address without knowing that I’ve shifted. she’s really sweet and I don’t wanna be lazy and just don’t care about it. I stuck a note on the door of the place I stayed at telling them to contact me regarding the parcel but NOPE. no contact at all. for a week. what manners, right? not nice Koreans they are =_=. anyways, I went to the security guard’s office and I was really happy on how helpful he was. but it seemed that the new tenants rejected the parcel so it’s just lying around in the gangnam post office. thank goodness for the expensive post T_T, it’s able be to tracked. so without losing hope I went to my school’s post office and asked for help. he told me to get the number from my friend and so I did and returned the next day. although I went there near when the office hours were going to end, the officer helped me a lot from calling the person in charge of the parcel to asking them to re-deliver it to my current location (with his personal HP, and he was on the line for a LONG time). he also said that he told them to re-deliver it only because I am a foreigner and he was afraid it’s going to be really troublesome and difficult for me to look for that place. it was really nice of him. he did it all for free. I mean, it wasn’t exactly his job and the average Korean officer would just give me the address and number and tell me to go look for it myself at that far-away office. I was really touched at how nice they were to foreigners.

and it doesn’t end there. my new friend in class even offered to help me out in my confucius studies which is literally driving me mad. that sweet girl even went to the extend of explaining everything to me and also helped me get information on how I could complain about the subject to the school. the subject IS NOT for foreigners. too darn difficult for us, really. anyway, I’m glad to say that she’s not the only one who helped me. so.. to everyone who lends a hand to a determined foreigner like me, thank you very much!

it’s never ending isn’t it? hehe. well, I got sick a few days ago and well, whenever I’m sick I feel helpless and as if I was going to die wth. my pretty classmate offered to take me to the hospital even if she was going to be late for class T_T. and I even missed our group project outing because I was too weak to go out. instead of being mad of me not attending and helping, they even bought me a stack of instant porridges so I won’t have to cook in such a weak state! such caring Korean people they are! T____T. I was really touched and I really wanna take this opportunity to tell everyone about these sweet angels around me.

PS: I was really mad 2 weeks ago when I couldn’t enter a club with my chocolates and had to have it kept at the lobby. I forgot to take it but went back the very next day before operations was on but THEY SAID THEY THREW IT AWAY! IMPOSSIBRUUUU! I am sure they are lying because they ate it =_=. how could anyone throw those beautiful chocolates out? well, they should’ve at least kept it for ONE MORE DAY. it’s not like it was ddeokbokki or french fries I was leaving with them =_=. bastards.
it took me 2 hours to and fro pfft. in the end? I yelled at them in my bad foreigner accent. PFFT.

-the end-

Korean version:

외국사람을 배려하는 한국인들! 고마워요~ ^^. 외국사람한테 불친절한 이야기에 대한 많이 들어셨죠? 성균관대학교의 몇명 직원들도 자기해야한 일 외에 도와주고싶은 마음이 별로 없더라구요.

근데! 친한친구 선물을 잘 못 보내는 것에서 친절한 한국사람 아직 많는것을 알게 되었어요~ 예전에 살았던 집에 노트를 붙였지만 저한테 연락 하나도 없는 게 너무 사가지 없었다 ㅠ 그렇지만! 경비소 아저씨가 많이 도와주셔서 일단 감사하구요~ 성대 우체국 아저씨한테 어떻냐구 물어봤더니! 페케지를 찾을 수 있는 방법을 가려쳐주셨고 담 날에 필요한 것을 가지고 오라고하셨어요. 담날 9시간 연강 끝날 땐 거의 퇴근 시간에 찾으러 갔지만 그 페케지 위치를 찾아주셨고 자기 휴대폰으로 다른 우체국에게 전화하시고 제 현재 집주소로 배달해달라셨어요~ 참 번거로운 과정였지만 제가 외국사람이라 그 멀린 지역의 우체국까기 가는게 원칙이어도 그냥 다시 배송해주실거래요 ^^. 정말로 감사감사 >_<.

그리구 비싼 ems으로 보내준 내 베프 메구미두 감사 감사 ㅠ. 또! 친절한 중국어반 친구 은주는.. 내가 논어 공부에 너무 힘들어서 자꾸 쉬는 시간에 설명해주고 도와줘서도 감사감사! 공부에 도와준 모두 사람 다 감사합니다 ㅠ. 또!! 아플 때 수업에 늦어더라고 병원 데려다주는 효정이도 너무 감동했어요 ㅠ_ㅠ. 아프기 땜에 팀풀 못갔지만은 팀원들 족까지 배달해주신 것을 최고였다! 다들 바쁘실텐데.. 저에게의 배려까지.. 암튼 한국에서 불친절한 사람을 많이 만났고 불평했지만 이런 천사같이 사람들에게 감동 받았고 좋은 일들도 공유하고싶은 뿐이에요~

마지막으로! 성대학생들! 성대우체국을 많이 지지하세요! ^^.

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9 years ago

….. nice people and bad people exist.. 😀 😀 just need to for people you can rely on.. 😀 😀 Happy for you. 😀

9 years ago

Any good public libraries to recommend?

9 years ago

“I yelled at them in my bad foreigner accent.”

This is funny.. XDDDD

Well, its great to have the local people to help you on those super-duper-troublesome admin/bank/office stuff.
I, myself am studying in Japan. In this university I am studying has this tutor system that a “dedicated” Japanese tutor will help you with these stuff and at the same time, practice your Japanese with them! 😀
Really thankful for her help~