there are tonnes of special ice cream shops around. but most of them will just give you a “it’s pretty not bad” feeling. but this one will just make you craving for more.

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Gelati Gelati located at Hongdae was always packed with people whenever I go there. there’s always a long line and the weirdest thing is that the shop isn’t exactly located at a strategic spot. a spot where shops nearby aren’t really open in the day.

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you can also have it take away!

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you can pick 2 flavours on cup or cone. but I usually go for the cone. they have two types of ice cream; the gelato and sherbet (fruit). the amazing thing about this shop is that they have very unique choices of ice cream like hallabong (which tastes like orange anyway haha), grape, peach, plum, carrot, milk tea (not really my thing), RICE, caramel and so on. they also have daily specials which aren’t usually on the menu but it’s on the menu INSIDE. one of it was cherry pistachio. pretty good I’d say!

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the ice cream here are scooped with a huge spoon rather than how normal ice creams here are and their gelato texture is just.. soft. nothing like how baskin robbins or turkish ice cream are. it’s just.. something new. except for the sherbet which may be similar to other sherbets!

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one of the reasons why I like my ice cream in cone =3. chocolate inside the cone!!!!

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me and my gelati gelati. oh hello =D.

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we ordered rice, peach, pistachio and cherry. I know what you’re thinking.. RICE?! surprisingly, their rice is one of the best ice creams I’ve ever had. it’s really good and I highly recommend it! but my top favourite is still the cherry! because I love cherry too. it’s so yum. but it isn’t available everyday so you gotta be lucky!

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I went back the next day and got myself grape and tiramisu. they were both good but I still think rice and cherry are the best! my friends think pistachio and rice are the best though. but milk and yoghurt are amongst the popular ones as well! basically, most of their ice cream are really good so try it! it’s also reasonably priced at 4,000won for 2 scoops of ice cream. it’s pretty worth it!

it’s quite hard to explain how to get there but basically it’s near the aA Cafe. almost at the end of Hongdae. basically, just walk along the Hongdae street and and cross that road near Ssangssangmadang. continue walking straight and you’ll see Kkanbu Chicken on your left. turn left and walk straight and you’ll see Gelati Gelati!

well in case you’re not familiar with Hongdae. this is another way to get there =). there’s only one Gelati Gelati shop in Korea so if you’re in Hongdae, be sure to try it!

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