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if you’ve followed me on instagram you have probably seen pictures of this Korean fusion pasta place that I go to pretty often back then when I lived in Gangnam. even now, whenever I head to Gangnam this is always on top of my pasta list as it is not too pricey and superbly delicious.

it is called Bobired.

CIMG3399 copy

located near Gangnam Station, this place is quite hidden but it is definitely not difficult to find. even so, it was always packed with people as the pasta’s.. really amazing.

CIMG3397 copy

these are some of their menu (they do not have a wide range though. ahhaha. there was like less than 15 items I think. but I always go for the same ones so..)

they have steak (cooked pretty darn deliciously), pasta and salad. and that’s about it. oh, they also serve coffee in wine bottles. but I don’t take coffee =S.

CIMG3398 copy

located right next to Seoga & Cook! another famous pasta place which is a little overpriced and over-rated apparently.

CIMG3396 copy

the waiting area. there are benches on the left.

98 copy

came here with my good looking dong-saeng. quite an old picture hahaha. but when you order, they give you some blinking light stick in red. it’s very.. fast food-like but if it were to be classified as fast food, this is uber high end. haha.

97 copy

my favourite pasta. you shouldn’t order anything else too. the RED CREAM PASTA. 13,000won. 7,000won for large. I like mine in level 3. there’s 4 level of spiciness. 2-3 would definitely be your best bet if you like spicy food. 4.. was a little too much from my memory. I mean, pasta shouldn’t be THAT spicy. this pasta is very.. Korean styled. but it isn’t something that people from the west/Europe would dislike. I brought my Swedish friend here before (very particular in food selection) and he said it was really good too! the best part of this pasta is.. there’s galbi in it!! if you do not know what galbi is, it means ribs in Korean. very very very tender ribs. *thumbs up for the ribs!*

96 copy

smoked salmon salad. nobody would say no to smoked salmon I guess? and it’s light but yummy dressing’s so good, it makes the perfect combo with the pasta as it balances your taste buds.

93 copy

here’s that red light stick I talked about. and that’s my sakura green tea kit-kat souvenir for him from Japan but this ungrateful boy went “HUH ONLY THIS?!” greedy little young boy!

2014-04-12 11.04.38 1 copy

although you might only have a week in Seoul. but I highly recommend this place as it is one of my favourite casual restaurants in Seoul. ordering the large red cream pasta with a salmon salad will be my recommended menu for 2. if you eat a lot, you can also scoop some rice and seaweed and mix it to the pan of pasta-less sauce and create your own spicy mixed rice! that’s what everyone does anyways! too disgusting so I didn’t take a picture of it. hehe.

the salad in the picture above was the crab meat salad. highest rating (yes they have a rating system for their menu haha) but it was not as satisfying compared to the salmon. they gave a whole lot of crab meat, though. the pasta’s definitely worth its highest ratings =D.

directions to Bobired, Gangnam : get out of Gangnam station exit 11, walk straight until you see CGV and turn right into the alley right before CGV. walk straight and up the slope and turn right on the second right junction and voilà!

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Aiya am leaving tomorrow d now only tell gd place leh

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I am going to study in Korea as an exchange student. Is study in Korea really hard ? Do i need to get a korean boyfriend here ? This is totally random, do you have boyfriend now ? Or is your boyfriend Korean ?

10 years ago

what’s that rose made of?? 😀 😀