These are some serious overdue pictures but the busy photographer got sent to another country for a business trip for a few months so.. I didn’t have a choice hehe. as always, credits goes to Azri, the photographer/engineer. and I edited it. I wouldn’t lie that I look slightly different from my pictures hehehehehhehe. so here’s it. hope you like it!

pictures taken at Samcheongdong and the area outside Gyeongbokgung.

IMG_7527 copy

IMG_7583 copy

IMG_7685 copy2

IMG_7711 copy

IMG_7717 copy

IMG_7739 copy

IMG_7804 copy

IMG_7815 copy

my favourite picture!

IMG_7816 copy

IMG_7817 copy

pfft. don’t know how my face ended up like that hahaha.

IMG_7847 copy

IMG_7868 copy

we took our sis’s pre-wedding picture along with Max and I was the “assistant.” it was raining and my curls wore off T_T. le sigh.

hope you liked the pictures!

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Da Feng
Da Feng
9 years ago

Those photos are great =)

9 years ago

Hey Jamie!! Do you plan on becoming a model?? Well, that engineer of yours would’ve been a great photographer as well. 😀 is it his part time job or hobby??

9 years ago

Start your model life in korea?

9 years ago

Hi Jamie 🙂 Would like to seek for ur advice since u have been in Korea for quite long. I plan to go korea in mid of October this year. Hoping to see the yellowish leaves. Ur photos look reli awesome!!! And tat is what I want to see for my coming trip, u know the yellowish leaves reli pretty. Hehe. I heard from others September is still early to experience the fall foliage. Could u advice if mid October is good to experience the fall foliage and chill weather since Malaysia is super hot!!