I know I say this many many times but I’ve really always wanted to visit Gyeongju for the longest time.

it is known for being the most ancient looking city in Korea and it is. I heard that they couldn’t build taller buildings because the country is trying to maintain Gyeongju’s ancient image.

IMG_2873 copy

there are a list of places to go to in Gyeongju which would require about 2-3 days to complete but since I only had one, and the weather was awful, I visited two of the most popular landmarks, Bulguksa 불국사 and Seok-gul-am 석굴암. they are located really close to each other but with snow piling so high, it is impossible to walk through the stairs from Bulguksa. I heard some people actually did walk up in the Summer but decided to take the taxi down because it is really such a walk. if you’re planning to take the cab, be reminded that it is actually very near, but far because the roads are winding. viewing the map through satellite is literally jaw dropping.

IMG_2841 copy

I actually arrived to Gyeongju from Busan at night and stayed for another night but left early in the morning. so I really only had one full day. the snow was crazy and the tragic case of the building collapsing in Gyeongju killing around 10 people with over a 100 injured was just a day before I was there. that building collapsed because the snow was too heavy apparently. but the constructor was definitely skimping in costs, too.

IMG_2844 copy

so back to my topic. my first destination was Bulguksa.

IMG_2847 copy

while everybody wore paddings and hoodies there I was wearing a mini skirt. I had no choice. because I forgot to bring winter clothings back to Malaysia. where I have nothing to bring back to Korea as I landed in Busan.

IMG_2857 copy

what’s so special about this Bulguksa temple is that it is made out of stone. well not entirely but half of it.

IMG_2871 copy

and it is the pride of Korea. you can see a picture of Bulguksa almost anywhere. in restaurants, magazines, postcards.. etc.

IMG_2876 copy

with my new selca toy.

IMG_2880 copy

hello, welcome to Bulguksa Temple =D.

IMG_2891 copy

with my tour guide of the day! Mr. Seong! he’s also the owner of the guesthouse I stayed at. very nice man.

IMG_2897 copy

and these spring water tastes really good.


IMG_2908 copy

those of you who had been to South Korea, do you remember this pagoda/whatever it is called/?

it’s the pagoda on the 10won coin!!!

IMG_2921 copy

ehehehehe hello.

IMG_2923 copy

Mr. Seongs idea. but I AM buddhist and I did pray. but I was posing for this one ahhaha. nobody really smile while praying I guess.

IMG_2929 copy

I fell in love with all the details of this temple =S.

IMG_2942 copy

it was snowing. really heavily.

IMG_2943 copy

can you see the snow!

IMG_2967 copy

more places to pray at.

IMG_2971 copy

because I’m silly like that.

IMG_2993 copy

why I never liked side angle pictures. I look horrendous in them. but this is my only one T______T. so basically you can stand by the balcony of Bulguksa, unlike many other places where you can’t.

IMG_3008 copy

who knows why there’s a golden wild boar statue here.

IMG_3012 copy

my hobby?

stepping on snow!

IMG_3014 copy

they say come to Gyeongju in Spring or Autumn, because there are much more to see. partly true. but Winters view is amazing too! but it also makes sight seeing very difficult as the sun sets very quickly and snow fills up every where plus that hell-like coldness.

CIMG8529 copy

here’s a selca picture of me with Bulguksa =D.

CIMG8531 copy

such a pretty view =3.

IMG_3017 copy

okay bye bye Bulguksa!

IMG_3029 copy

so we then headed on to Seokgulam which is located at the mountains. where there’s  MORE SNOW. and it was bloody cold.

IMG_3040 copy


so basically we paid 4,000won to get into this place, walked 15minutes in the freezing cold weather where we couldn’t feel our ears and feet and hands to see that Cave Buddha made out of stone. also, we can’t take pictures of it. sigh. so taking pictures outside is all we can do. but trust me, this Buddha is pretty damn phenomenal. I’ve never seen any Buddha sculpted like that before. it was like.. some secret ancient thingy from the movies. but just that it is real.


IMG_3039 copy

seeing that much of snow, I just had to make a snow angel. I know, it was very crazy of me. I was wearing short skirt and no gloves. no beanie either. but it was fun heheheheh.

IMG_3054 copy

everywhere’s covered in snowwwww!!!

CIMG8570 copy

and driving around in Gyeongju, you’d see tombs around.

CIMG8566 copy

and traditional houses. it is really like as if you’ve traveled to the past. well these places are everywhere but not literally everywhere. if you get what I mean.

CIMG8438 copy

so the most famous snack here is this red bean pastry.

CIMG8436 copy

called the Hwang Nam Bbang. which is also known as Gyeongju Bbang at other places but apparently this is the pioneer.

IMG_6172 copy

and if you think sitting in the train for 3hours to get here just to see those boring sites is a waste of time and money, at least come here for the food. I had the most amazing Samgyupsal here. and also this place is pretty famous for their beef. andddd Kongnamul Kukbab/ bean sprouts soup with rice.

IMG_6177 copy

I mean, look at this Samgyupsal. I bet most of you had never had any that look like this. and this particular place we went to (forgot the name but it’s near Dongguk Univ. Gyeongju Campus. and the floor are filled with pebbles. very outdoor feel) served refillable Odeng and Sikhye (rice drink) for free!

IMG_6187 copy

the Samgyupsal comes with some amazing sauce where my friend calls it the Korean Belacan. but it doesn’t really taste like belacan. it has a slight.. mustard taste to it. its weird but tasty.

and the craziest part of my trip was.. I had all that good food already alright, but we had Mr.Seong prepare us supper. Spanish style. because he lived in Spain.

IMG_6188 copy

here’s our little party in the guesthouse!

IMG_6189 copy

and did I mention, I lived in a Hanok? I’m going to say it again but I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO LIVE IN ONE!!! they are so pretty. especially the remodeled ones where you have glass windows where you can see the sky.

IMG_6196 copy

and we also had gin and tonic with cucumber. ahhh. how refreshing.

IMG_6197 copy

don’t you wish your boyfriend can cook like that? well from what I heard Mr.Seong is single haha but too old for me =P.

IMG_6208 copy

such a smart idea. cherry tomatoes wrapped with bacon on a stick seasoned with a little herbs.

IMG_6210 copy

it is no doubt very messy but I like how his office is. oh did I mention? the owner of this place is an interior designer! a famous one too I think. judging by all those posters upon entry.

IMG_6219 copy

I have to confess. I do not like cats. but his 2 cats were lovely. they were so beautiful you just wanna brush your fingers over them =3.

IMG_6226 copy

the rooftop terrace! not for winter.. =(.

IMG_6230 copy

the sad thing about this guesthouse is that.. it only has a few rooms. like.. 4? they are all very comfortable. heaters super warm. I’d like to emphasize how generous the owner is in giving body baths, shampoo and conditioner. because he gives the brands that most Koreans actually use at home. the good ones. and my favourite ones too! so plus points!!! and everything a tourist needs (info etc etc) can be found here so just pack your bags, come here, and plan! you can also ask him about that awesome samgyupsal place. who knows, if you treat him to it, he might just bring you there! =D.

IMG_6231 copy

and the decorations of the place is also very pretty ^_^.

oh oh oh they also have like toy hammers, jenga and lots more in every room! so you can actually just have fun with your friends in the room itself! well there aren’t many things to do at night in Gyeongju.. so buy some Makgeolli, Soju and/or snacks and just chat till you feel sleepy =D. because that’s what we did.

IMG_6234 copy

I forgot what’s his name but it was something like Mojitto. other than the meaning of it was supposed to be beautiful in Spanish.

IMG_6238 copy

so on the 2nd night.. I made them Malaysian curry noodles and they gave me Hanwoo (Korean beef) in return!!! one of the best meals I’ve ever had in Korea T_T. 2nd to that Hanwoo I had while camping. all of them melted in my mouth ahhhhh.


medium rare. =3. thin slices of pure heaven. nyam nyam nyam.

IMG_6248 copy

they also introduced me to this dish that they thought I’d hate. called the Gwamaegi. it’s like.. dried fish wrapped in all sorts of things. what’s missing in the picture are the raw oysters! basically you wrap the dried fish, chili, garlic, spring onion in raw seaweed, dried seaweed and cabbage with some cho jang. there’s a lot in one wrap but it was SOOOOOOOOO GOOD.

IMG_6249 copy

they said I’ve transformed into a true Korean by simply just enjoying this dish. I guess the taste is pretty acquired.

2014-03-11 05.12.03 1

have I ever mentioned that I am a hugeeeee fan of makgeolli? there was 4 of us and we had 8 bottles (2 in the bag T_T) of different makgeollis. basically every type of makgeolli we can find in Gyeongju which isn’t the normal ones we usually drink in Seoul. they all taste similar but different. they all have their own distinct taste to it. ahhhh. glorious Makgeolli. even older people laugh at me for liking it. it makes me sound old =S.

would love to blog more about Gyeongju (there’s a beautiful bed/field of flowers, the moon observatory, tombs tombs and more tombs) but I had too little time. and that bad snow storm stopped me for visiting more places. until next time!

the Guesthouse I lived in:
Sindal (it means Silla’s Moon) Guesthouse

PS : I look really fat because I gained some disgusting 6kgs from Malaysia. T_T. land of all good food.

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10 years ago

Aaaah! reading through your entry makes me miss Gyeongju right now. I got lost there but still felt safe. went there during the summer and it was freaking hot. thank God for the cool breeze that blows every now and then. got tanned there also. >.<

btw, will be visiting Malaysia this April. Am gonna look through your Malaysia entries to see what I can do in my two short days. hehe!

10 years ago

Gyeongju looks awesome. But I don’t think I can stand the cold now. Hahaha.

I am saving some $$$ now for my trip to Korea in Oct. Yeayy!! Will definitely go through your blog to see where shall I visit in Korea. =)

10 years ago

My god, you looks so sexxy!

10 years ago

I clicked on the website of the guesthouse you provided hoping that it’s in english. Heck it’s not!! hahahahahaha..

The guesthouse looks like what they used in the movie “My Tutor Friend”.. or not?

9 years ago

Reading through your blog make me can’t wait visit there right now. Good sharing.

6 years ago

can i know which month you go? if i go in end Dec, would i able to see snow?

6 years ago

HI, I would like to know, when you visit there, as i would like to visit in end Dec and will it snow by then?