Having not been back for 2 years, I find myself rather touristy. and since Megumi came all the way to visit me here in Malaysia, my tourist mode boost to its max. and yeah, although I study in Korea, I seem to always mingle amongst Japanese people. well there are a few Americans, Canadians and.. Europeans too.

back to the topic. since Megumi came, I have been to many places I’ve never been nor was I interested in going. and surprisingly those pictures turned out pretty well. I guess it’s similar to how I’d always dissed my friends in Korea for not having been to Nami Island or Namdaemun when I’ve been there for over 10 times perhaps.

CIMG6928 copy

so here, the famous Merdeka Square.

CIMG6953 copy

KLCC/Petronas Twin Towers (and this is the popular spot for tourists haha there were so many tour buses)

CIMG6989 copy

Pavilion. not exactly touristy but we took over 30 pictures at the same spot. hahahha.

CIMG7009 copy

forget about Midvalley, KLCC and 1Utama. Pavilion’s decoration beat them by far.

CIMG7025 copy

those horses.

CIMG7032 copy

dat ice cream.

CIMG7043 copy

while it was packed here and there, Zhang Toi was quiet during CNY dinner and the food’s great.

CIMG7053 copy

especially their specialty, the chocolate banana cake. yum.

CIMG7057 copy

love curry? love tom yam? well, this is a combination of them two. only available at Taman Midah’s Dim Sum restaurant! and their noodles are home made without any preservatives!

CIMG7061 copy

they also serve awesome chee cheong fun! <3. and… dim sum’s not bad too. but their curry tomyam is definitely the king.

CIMG7071 copy

took Megumi to Penang by ferry. her hair definitely had fun hahahaha.

CIMG7117 copy

and the street arts. we have more but it’s all in her phone =X. my battery died after this picture hurrr.

CIMG7127 copy

the best. I repeat. the BEST CHENDOL! Penang Road famous teochew chendul =3. even Jimmy Choo’s been here. and a lot more. they had the picture with Jimmy Choo framed nicely with a wooden frame while the others were just laminated hahahahaha.

CIMG7128 copy

TADA! I like mine with less read bean.

CIMG7136 copy

and they now got a store. and they sell Asam Laksa there. I went there when they were about to close (which means we got the bottom soup. the best part) and it was literally the best Penang styled Asam Laksa I’ve ever had. ever. D=.

CIMG7139 copy

Megumi took an ant bite. and choked. she hate durian. just like every other Japanese I know who’ve tried durian.

CIMG7145 copy

fried oysters. expensive, delicious and addictive.

CIMG7148 copy

Penang’s Char Kuey Teow? heavenly. they have this too in Gangnam’s Kitchen Nyonya. but it isn’t even 1/10 as good D=. and it costs.. x20 the price. at least they have great rendang there.

CIMG7151 copy

Penang Har Mee’s awesome too. and cheap.

CIMG7234 copy

and took her to the beach. not as pretty as Redang, but still a beach =D.

CIMG7359 copy

I’m such a giant T_T. that’s why she’d always wear heels while I wear flats pfft.

CIMG7408 copy

took her to Genting as well and since the theme park is under construction, we headed for the arcade like a kid hahaha.

CIMG7436 copy

CNY must eat : Yee Sang. miraculously, she ate two plates. it isn’t exactly the most delicious dish but I told her eating a lot of this brings prosperity HEHEHEH.

CIMG7477 copy

chilling at my cousin’s restaurant’s private room haha. everyone, please visit CWZJ. a table above 1.5k allows you to book a really pretty room. =3. with your own private bathroom. =D!!!

CIMG7565 copy

Nyonya Asam Laksa at Jonker 88, Malacca. such a long wait but it was pretty worth it. hate all the taufupok and foochok though T_T.

CIMG7569 copy

how sad. everything’s under construction T_T.

CIMG7576 copy

those carts. made my Japanese friend’s jaw drop. they even have a doraemon one.

CIMG7580 copy

because the walls were pretty. almost took one of my friends life to climb up here haha. good exercise though!

CIMG7586 copy

“paint me like one of your french girls”

DSC_3292 copy

Siu Yok Wan Tan Mee at Jalan Alor. the last shop. the best shop.

DSC_3293 copy

and they still serve the best chicken wings.

DSC_3300 copy

letting Megumi try otak-otak. surprisingly, she liked it! taufufa too!

DSC_3302 copy

and my favourite pan mee place.

DSC_3609 copy

spam. taken at the oldest hotel in Penang.

DSC_3740 copy

I have so much chocolate and cookies at home to last me for a year. but yet I am still buying more. =X. well, I wanna eat so much but I have too little time!

DSC_3747 copy

we spent 5 minutes shouting like a bimbo. it was ticklish. it really was.

DSC_3770 copy

strawberry farm.

DSC_3828 copy

and a ridiculously ugly picture of everyone looking ridiculously happy.

there are more pictures. but I’m tired. Malaysian weather make me feel sleepy *yawns* the day is too long here and too short over at Japan.

PS : dyed my hair burgundy and regretted it.

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10 years ago

hi jamie…gong xi fa cai…u and ur frenz really pretty …enjoy ur blog much!! post more=)

10 years ago

welcome back jamie! and happy cny to you too! i hope you are having a great time back home ^^

10 years ago

i am from singapore and have been living in korea for 1.5years. i went back to singapore last month for the first time in this 1.5years and the weather back home made me very sleepy everyday. haha so i guess it is normal to feel this way ^^

10 years ago

Hi. May i know how to you get to study in seoul? I wish to study in korea too but ive no idea whats the first step i should take :/