to be honest, it is quite embarrassing to be a tourist in your own school where chances of bumping into a friend is so much higher than anywhere else.

but I put on a thick face and did it anyway. thank goodness for the smaller camera or else people would stare more if I were to pull out my gun-like DSLR.

CIMG2846 copy

look at how pretty my school is right now! my school isn’t the prettiest schools around but currently Yonsei is under construction so only a few parts of it remains pretty. I would say Kyunghee and Korea University would be the prettiest (and they are both so near my uni!) but I am too lazy (no time pfft) to go to any =S. I am even lazy to stroll around my school compound. but today, I finished my quizzes and thought I should take a good walk around while waiting for Wai Kit for our lunch date which was an hour and a half away. and I pretty much got carried away.

CIMG2854 copy

the GeumJandi Square. we literally have a joke about what Geumjandi means in Korean. no it isn’t the girl from Boy’s over Flowers (coincidentally, the actress studies in our school teehee) but it means “gold field”. the joke was how the grass on the field is ALWAYS gold. because each time it turns green and nice, there will be festivals where thousands of people steps on it and it turns gold again. then, it is naturally gold during autumn and you will not even get to see it in winter. the only time when it is really green is perhaps during summer when nobody comes to school since it is summer holidays.

CIMG2869 copy

awwww pretty!

CIMG2872 copy

I like how my school is literally a historical site itself. I mean, a tourist attraction haha. not like Gyeongbokgung but it’s where all the royalties and awesome people go to school at (well, it was the ONLY school at that period =S).

CIMG2914 copy

took this picture right after quiz today. thought the view was amazing from the business school.

CIMG2922 copy

took another one because the other one had dust spots. stuck my camera to the glass to avoid them hahaha. but senget pfft.

CIMG2927 copy

also love how my school is surrounded by these traditional walls.

CIMG2936 copy

took this picture today. look how bald some of the trees are T____T. already! Autumn barely lasts 2 weeks seriously. it is getting shorter and shorter. shucks.

CIMG2947 copy

hi =3.

CIMG2962 copy

my favourite picture of the post. because it is all yellow. would be more awesome if I had taken this picture a few days ago then some of the trees wouldn’t be so bald pfft.

CIMG2964 copy

hence, must selca!

CIMG2968 copy

see that stone there? it is actually the point where those aristocrats/students/visitors HAVE to get off their horse back in the olden days to enter the school compound lol. which made me think if the garden behind was some kind of horse parking place back then.

CIMG2985 copy

and entering the secluded compound of Sungkyunkwan/the real Sungkyunkwan. it is a free tourist attraction so if you have time.. why not come here?

CIMG29882 copy

bumped into my classmates. they are all so young T_T. the bad thing about entering uni late in Korea is that they take age very seriously and you can feel left out VERY VERY VERY EASILY.

CIMG2994 copy

welcome to Myungryundang.

CIMG2999 copy

🙂 that is how I look hahahahaha.

CIMG3007 copy

I know, it isn’t cute. but oh well, I need to get rid of my photostatted face.

CIMG3011 copy

love the sunlight rays!

CIMG3019 copy

can’t read chinese T_T. but it is somewhere inside the secluded touristy area haha. I think this is where they used to gather for ceremonies. they still do it actually. for graduation, we wear traditional Korean clothes instead of the modern ones. or was it both? hmm. but we wear traditional clothes for sure!

CIMG3033 copy

after coming to Korea, I will never look at pigeons the same way. when I first came here, I thought all Korean girls were really bimbotic to be so scared of pigeons. I mean, not like they bite. they will go away if you walk close them for heavens sake. but there is a rumour that when a pigeon spread its wings, millions and millions of bacteria flies out. D=. uggggh. now I get it.

CIMG3038 copy

a flight of pigeons flew over me when I took this picture. which was worth it even though I am probably covered with billions and trillions of bacteria right now haahahha.

CIMG3043 copy

the awkward smile.

CIMG3050 copy

some trees just never get yellow.

CIMG3052 copy

look at how distorted the picture is =S. bad thing about this camera le sigh. and it also has very bad zoom. still need a DSLR for an artistic/non-selca picture.

CIMG3056 copy

another thing I love about Autumn is the blue blue skies =3. Winter too!

CIMG3069 copy

I think this is where the toilets were.

CIMG3078 copy

another shot. love that Ginko tree behind. we always walk outside this gate to get to school. didn’t know it is so pretty inside.

CIMG3083 copy

it was so cold I teared! T_T.

CIMG3087 copy

suddenly I feel like an artist!

CIMG3088 copy

okay this is how it originally look like. hahaha.

CIMG3097 copy

that 600 year old ginko tree. bloody amazing. did I mention? our school’s logo is a ginko leaf. and our school’s websites and all are called ginko portal, there’s also a ginko cafe etc etc.

CIMG3100 copy

super adorable kids can always be seen around our school compound wearing cute little hanboks taking pictures with their teachers for their year book I think. whatever it is, SUPER CUTEEEEEEE <3.

CIMG3135 copy

look how yellow the background it. it is simply fab. pictures can’t express how fab it is. at least not pictures by me =S.

CIMG3152 copy

wide wide area for kids to run around hahahaha. I don’t get why they have such a wide area. maybe there aren’t many people in ancient Korea (well duh T_T). but this school only accepts 33people every 3 years. which makes it super duper exclusive. and only the upper class are qualified to receive general education back then. if you have ever been to Korea, the 1000won and 5000won uncles graduated from my school! and is indirectly my senior hahaha.

CIMG3169 copy

can you see my eyes watering?

CIMG3201 copy

right, it was peppero day yesterday! HAPPY belated PEPPERO DAY!!

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Chiew Nee
10 years ago

gahhh how I wish I can visit Korea during autumn time, it’s so beautiful!!!!! =D

Heaven Knows

10 years ago

Huhuhu! your pictures made me miss autumn in Korea much more. Since i first visited years ago, it seemed like a tradition for me to visit Korea every year during autumn and it was only this year that I went there during summer, which I loved and hate at the same time. I want to feel the cooolllddd! (coming from a tropical girl. hehe!)

10 years ago

Hi jamie! Been following ur blog for quite sometimes. Can I know what DSLR model are u using? and the lens too? I am looking for a good camera.

10 years ago

omg~~very beautiful scenery~~hopefully have a chance visit korea on autumn~~

10 years ago pretty!! I also wish I could study in Korea though I saw how tough you had to study over there but it is definitely worth it! I totally regret not going for overseas studies when I was younger ㅠㅠ

I am going over to Seoul to celebrate Xmas and New Year this year. Judging the weather now, I think I will freeze to death. I can never seem to find a stocking good enough for 0 to negative. Is there any stocking you can recommend me to buy when I am in Seoul?

Will be very grateful if you would let me know. Thank you!!!

10 years ago

Hi! Saw your blog by accident when I was doing research for my trip to Korea and started reading it occasionally!
I miss SKKU!! I was there for one month for the International Summer School programme this June – July, so seeing all the pictures of the campus made me really miss SKKU! The trees are all so pretty now ~ when I was in there in summer it was all still green and now they all changed colours … wished I was there to see it for myself! And the last pic was the mart in front of the school’s main gate right? :p

Thanks for sharing all these pictures and have a nice day 🙂

10 years ago

streets are so clean and the color of the leaves are soooo vibrant.. ;D very refreshing 😀

10 years ago

You mentioned about age… hmm how old are you? i’ll be 34 and going there for phd next august. Hurmmm, wouldnt want to be left out a lot just because of my age T_T

10 years ago

hello!:) was searching about SKKU and i chance upon your blog. will be going for the summer studies program this june! Is it easy to get to skku?

5 years ago

Halo, im from Indonesia. I’m going to visit korea on march next year and would love to visit some universities there. I see your uni is very pretty, but what do you think if I visit it on march?

And is it okay for tourist like me to visit your uni?

Thank you so much