so a few days ago my sister, her boyfriend and my mom came to visit me! =D. and as much as I can do, I organized a pre-wedding shoot for my sister since she just got engaged the week before! out of all the people I’ve known in Korea, this Malaysian guy called Max has done wedding photography before and it was beautiful. although during our shoot the weather was horribly gloomy and it was raining throughout the shoot, we still managed to survive it.

PS : pictures with my watermark in this post are taken with my new S4. can’t get enough of this phone. love its camera!

20131102_110107_Richtone(HDR) copy

for the shoot, we headed to Samcheongdong

20131102_095848 copy

and Yonsei. both of my favourite places. well, since I was from Yonsei it is really great to be back here. =D.

20131102_105610_mr1383363912343 copy

here’s Max. and I’m sulking because of the rain.

20131102_105951 copy

so my role was to be a hanger (taking my sis’s bags and stuff) and an umbrella girl for Max =S.

20131102_112733 copy

it was raining alright =S. but not too heavily when I took this picture haha. Korea’s rain are never too heavy now that I noticed. they are normally pretty light and it rains for the whole day. but it isn’t like light enough to be called pissing (UK term for drizzling I think?) hahha.

20131102_114954_mr1383393191947_mh1383393243532 copy

I had my hair curled nicely for my shoot (after my sis’s) with Azri but it was all straightened out before my shoot T_T. and my make up was a little messed up too sigh. Azri has yet to send me any pictures from the shoot. will upload them later!

20131102_115123 copy

the music video looking picture.

so aren’t you curious on the results? =D. Max edited a few pictures quickly for my impatient sis and fiance haha.

here’s it. my sis was sick actually so she looked pale and bloated T_T. but thank goodness it turned out well.





thumbs up! my favourite shot.


for more inquiries, visit Max’s facebook page :

he worked as a photographer for quite a few years here and is pretty experienced ^^.

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10 years ago

Oh wow. The last two pics are freaking AMAZING!!! Kind of looked like a typical K-Drama poster pic lol. Yr sis should totally consider doing her actual shoot at Yonsei (if they allow it???)

10 years ago

These are gorgeous pictures! I especially love the pictures in front of Yonsei! The foliage is absolutely gorgeous!

10 years ago

That is so beautiful! congrats to your sister!

10 years ago

great!!! congratz to your sister!! 😀

9 years ago

Love the last picture! Beautiful! 😀