so after ignoring so many queues for the famous so called “best patbingsu” in Seoul, I finally tried it. Meal Tops are normally available at Hyundai Departmental stores. and usually on the top floor.

IMG_3839 copy

their shop concept are the same so it’s easy to recognize. my menu pictures is with Megumi I think T_T. but anyway, this place is easy to find. there’s one Hyundai Departmental store right at Sinchon!

IMG_3840 copy

they are famous for their normal shaved ice patbingsu which is really just shaved ice, a lot of red bean and 2 pieces of ddeok/rice cake. there was coffee and matcha as well but everyone seemed to had ordered the normal one. we ordered the strawberry one. but to be honest, it was quite mediocore. T_T. after having Homilpat that is. but the queue is AS long. really. and I even read reviews from Koreans saying that Homilpat is better because it is made out of milk so it is soft. but the problem is that it doesn’t go well with the red bean for me. whereas patbingsu’s like these are more… original and Korean =D. so for the more Korean taste, I think this is good. there’s another really good one at Hongdae sold at this cafe but it was really expensive haha.

IMG_3841 copy

the patbingsu and this ice cream filled crepe both costs 7,000won. it’s pretty filling actually! but still, the taste is quite expected and nothing was special =S.

IMG_3843 copy

but the thing I must praise must be their red bean. and ddeok. delicious red bean and ddeok! but please don’t order the strawberry bingsu =S. opt for the normal one!

IMG_3844 copy

Megumi came to look for me after parting for almost half a year!!! T_T. <3 her. sent her her birthday present today without telling her. hopefully she gets surprised! teehee. she doesn’t read my blog so it is fine to say it here teehee.

IMG_3846 copy

here, a picture of myself after quite.. a long time. hahaha. must dress cutesily to go out with a cutesy girl ^^.

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10 years ago

yummy desserts!!! remember Mugumi! I think I have read your last post with her before she has gone back to Japan. 😀 (good memory)!! hihihihi

10 years ago

How come your friend doesn’t read you blog? lol

Michelle Chin
10 years ago

I had this alone but i prefer okrumong (???)… lol.

Singapore reader
Singapore reader
10 years ago

I applaud your courage in studying a degree in korea. I am sure all your readers are supporting you in this journey and want to see you do well over there! Dont give up! FIGHTING JAMIE!

-Singapore reader

10 years ago

I always like post about food. yum yum.

btw meisze says HIIIII