there is nothing I like better than honey bread in cafes! the best one is at Coffine Gurunaru and the other one that I always have is at Angel in Us. which Kate calls Angelanus because of some video she watched. pffft.

IMG_3791 copy

they serve a good standard honey bread where they call it maple syrup bread or something but you can always say honey bread and they’d give you the same thing ^^.

IMG_3789 copy

if you’re a fan desserts, this is one you should not miss. there are places where they serve this with ice cream instead and it is REALLY GOOD as well. but since I am a big fan of whipped cream and ice cream, both is good. except the one above does not have enough whipped cream to satisfy me teehee.

IMG_3788 copy

the “UFO”s in Korea feels more like a fat iphone. with advertisements on the display. yes, with adjustable sound.

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10 years ago

I want that bread now!

10 years ago

is it possible to have both ice cream and cream on the top of it???? hihihiihiihi 😀

sherry tan
sherry tan
10 years ago

Hi Jamie, I will be travelling to Seoul in Sept. I tried to check the entrance fee for snow park in One Mount, Gyeonggi-do but the website is all in Korean. Do u think you can help me to check the entrance fee? Also, im actually comparing the snow park in One Mount and the one in Playdoci. Thanks