camping is actually a very favourable activity among Koreans and to my knowledge, almost every Korean family has a tent. do they even sleep in it? well I am not sure. but they do love building it and sitting by the lakes or in any gardens. there is also this campsite next to Hangang called Nanji Camping Site. I have been to the Nanji camping site but only for the day and those places have almost everything for rent. just bring whatever you want to BBQ and go there. but this time, I went for the REAL DEAL.

went to campsites as far as Hong Cheon (next to Chun Cheon) for it. it was quite a long 3 hours ride but I felt like I was not in Korea. and I’ve got to consider myself lucky since those places are not easily reached by public transport so as a foreigner, these are places which are almost impossible to get to.

20130809092228378 copy

my first time sleeping on a sleeping bag. literally on it because it was super hot. it got a little bit more chilly at night. but it’s still hot. T_T. gracious weather in Korea. bloody weather.

20130809092248960 copy

6 of us had 12 slices of pure juicy Korean Hanwoo beef. best beef I’ve ever eaten. ever. but I have yet to try those Japanese Kobe beef and etc. so.. well out of Korean standards these are amazing.

20130809092328435 copy

Appa 1 and Appa 2! hahahaha I am so mean. these 2 bachelors are actually old enough to be my dad. they are really nice appas to me! =3.

20130809092352218 copy

Appa 1 owns this shop that sells fruits and meat so we had a LOT of them. anyone ever had Korean grape juice with the pulps inside? at first I thought it was sweetened, but the grapes here ACTUALLY tastes like that!

20130809092434645 copy

our Hanwoo with Ssamjjang.

20130809123821996 copy

must take pictures with the tent!

IMAG7577 copy

Appa 1 in action. his shop will actually be featured in this Magazine in Korea called Outdoor! anyone visiting Chuncheon/Hongcheon, remember to drop by 꽃미남 가게 for some awesome meat (hanwoo, dalggalbi, you name it!) or fruits! =D. they even have durian there!! and mangosteen! *jaw drops*

IMAG7578 copy

how we come by places with so much mountains and there’s a soju named 산처럼 (san-cho-reom which means like the mountains) which is similar to the other one named 처음처럼 (cho-eum-cho-reom like the first time). hahahahhahahahahahhahaha.

IMAG7587 copy

pensions! pensions are those holiday villas available for rent. I’ve only been to those twice but it was REALLY fun.

IMAG7590 copy

countryside meal. I was quite skeptical when they said we are heading for Tofu. like. JUST TOFU. tofu with rice.

IMAG7591 copy

tofu in soup and fried soft tofu.

IMAG7592 copy

it doesn’t look that yummy but heck this is so bloody good. the ones in Seoul are usually hardened and I hate them. but these are just so… something like taufufar. soft homemade tofu mmmm.

IMAG7593 copy

my first time having 감자전 gamjajeon/potato jeon as well! also very good. I became a pig while camping really. all we do is eat!

IMAG7595 copy

really sorry for the low quality pictures since I left my camera in the other car and it wasn’t very convenient to go get it =S. anyway here’s a different type of tent. more like.. canopy-ing.

IMAG7596 copy

and more tents. there were tents as huge as a small house seriously. but I forgot to take a picture of it. D=.

IMAG7597 copy

this is one of the bigger tents. don’t it look cool or what?!

IMAG7599 copy

being away from civilization is awesome. the air was just so much fresher here!

IMAG7602 copy

our 3 hour hiking trail.

IMAG7604 copy

there was actually fogs surrounding the ends and it looked super magical.

IMAG7607 copy

you see the fog?!

IMAG7619 copy

summer is complete with watermelon! absolutely! watermelons in Korea are so expensive. I am not sure if I’ve told you before but they cost an average of RM60 for each when we get it for what? RM10??? appreciate your cheap and sweet watermelons. seriously.

IMAG7621 copy

I was really really really glad Andy Appa 2 invited me to join them camping. as his friend is a writer for an outdoor magazine where pictures ME!!! would be featured as well. well, I would probably be super tiny and not noticeable but still! =D=D=D.

IMAG7624 copy

another outdoor restaurant.

IMAG7625 copy

we sat by a canopy/마루 and they called it a 명당 myeongdang, which means the best place to be at (for the season).

IMAG7626 copy

we played some Korean coin games and look how evil Appa 2 is T_____T. it hurts pfft.

IMAG7627 copy

for a country side, these are awesome plates for banchan!

IMAG7629 copy

닭도리탕! dalg-dori-tang! thumbs up if you like spicy food like me! =D.

IMAG7630 copy

then there’s the herbal chicken soup. I’ve never heard of it and I forgot its name. but it tasted very much like Chinese chicken soup. I would like to dip my chicken in soy sauce very much!

IMAG7631 copy

then there’s the HERBAL rice. where you put it into the left over soup to make porridge. *two thumbs up*

IMG_3928 copy

that tent covered by the chair is a single tent. hahahahhaa. I’ve never seen anything like that before! you’d not fit it if you’re over 180 though I think. it was pretty short.

IMG_3943 copy

according to Appa 1, this is the most delicious way to eat your ssam. with an emptied chilli and some… korean vegetable which tasted pretty bad to me T_T. but I liked how the chilli and the meat go together so well though!

IMG_3944 copy

ahhhhhhh <3. food.

IMG_3952 copy

and fruits.

IMG_3956 copy

고기!!! EVERYBODY LOVES GOGI! or at least most girls do. I do.

IMG_3959 copy

gogi with garlic!!!! I’d like my beef medium rare. but Hanwoo tastes so good cooked. it still melts in your mouth.

IMG_3960 copy

we had left overs so we had GOGI! again the next morning. crazy much.

IMG_3985 copy

Appa 2 took this picture of me and said “so ugly!” pfft. hahahahhaa.

that’s all for now! psst! look at that tent behind me. they so have a living room hahaha.

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10 years ago

Looks like you had a really good camping trip… I find it cute being in a sleeping bag maybe because you will look like a caterpillar or cocoon… you should have taken a picture of you being in a sleeping bag.. 😀 hihihihihi 😀

10 years ago

Camping in Korea looks super cool! n the beef n the side dishes…wow..In Malaysia, camping is not bad as well, but run the risk of “accidentally” meeting pontianak (true story), lol

10 years ago

Camping looks fun and the food looks delicious. How about the amenities? Are there clean comfort rooms, shower rooms etc?

10 years ago

nice, wish to go there~