I was dumb to come to a pancake shop without ordering pancakes. but since it was my first time here I will definitely make my 2nd visit. it is located near exit 9 of Gangnam station.

this place is incredulously famous. some people think it’s overrated but it was so far so good for me. I really liked how perfect everything was. but I wouldn’t spend an hour waiting for it. maybe 20 minutes is fine haha. apparently the boss of this shop was a successful guy working in a huge Korean company but he found the perfect recipe for pancakes and he flipped pancakes instead.

picture from rimi.kr

you call this the huge alligator. it costs like.. around 25,000won according to some other websites and apparently you need a few people to share this because it is just too huge. they have like 8 different types of dipping sauces for your pancakes and 4 different scoops of ice cream. I felt this is good for 4 people seriously.

picture from ladylike.tistory.com

I came in the morning where nobody was there and suddenly people started pouring in and they ALL ordered this. it is called the split decision plate. you order one and share it! =D.

IMG_3986 copy

the not very spacious American styled restaurant requires a lot of wait if you’re here mid day.

IMG_3987 copy

hi Soohyo! my Japanese Korean friend came to visit! =3.

but at 10am and where no restaurants were open because Koreans GENERALLY do not eat breakfast outside; butter finger is definitely your best pick. there are tonnes of brunch places but breakfast? so far, only at butter fingers and some other 24 hour shops.

IMG_3988 copy

happy girl with my.. apple cider.

IMG_3993 copy

I forgot what I had ordered but we both ordered a singles thing which was recommended. I don’t do heavy breakfast but that split decision plate looks so good T_T. I will DEFINITELY go back pfft.


om nom nom nom nom. you don’t have to order a drink if you don’t want to since they provide water haha.

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don’t know what’s wrong with naver maps T_T but anyway its at the shops opposite American Apparel!

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10 years ago

Pancakes!!!… 😀

10 years ago

Hi Jamie. I was just wondering if you have more guy friends than female friends? Because you often go eat out and go to events with guys more than girls..at least from what Ive noticed on your posts…