hello shutterbugs!

ever wonder about the camera market here in Seoul? well, it’s awesome. I wouldn’t say that electronics here are especially cheap or anything, but they’d fix your camera instead of sending it to the huger factories or the main canon/nikon center. and, there are plenty of 2nd hand cameras which are really affordable!

but out of the many camera shops at Namdaemun, (exit 6 or 7 of HoeHyeon Station)

IMG_3569 copy

so a store my friend has always been to is Yesdica. the uncle who works at this shop is realllllllly nice. the first thing he did when we went into the shop was giving us drinks. well yeah because he might earn a lot later on =S. my camera had an auto focus problem so all they need to do was to change the ribbon which isn’t.. expensive. but I still paid around RM120 for it (with a 5,000won discount already) despite it being still expensive but it is better than taking it to the canon center which would easily cost over RM200.

IMG_3567 copy

look at the amount of lens and cameras they have! mostly 2nd hand!

IMG_3566 copy

and their variety of bags!

IMG_3565 copy

the funny and nice owner of this shop. he speaks pretty good English so don’t worry ^^.

IMG_3564 copy

just look at how cute he is. now I am wondering if I should save and get a 2nd hand camera pfffffffft. because it’s pretty worth it.

IMG_3570 copy

we then walked over to Myeongdong for lunch and saw how the dog cafe guy high fived with the cat cafe girl. which was really cute.

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10 years ago

Wonderful. I’m wondering whether to bring my Nikon point-and shoot or get a second-hand DSLR there. What are the approximate prices for a DSLR?

Nice pics, looking forward to more.


10 years ago

jamie, did u saw any instax mini flim there? just wondering whether is it cheap for the flim there or any more variety of instax mini film there… =)

10 years ago

…. that uncle should thank you more for promoting his shop.. 😀 (you might get a free dslr camera by then not just drinks) 😀 😀 xx

10 years ago

This might be a bit irrelevant to your blogpost but anyway, namdaemun market sells more korean street food or gwangjang market? Cus now I’m comparing these 2 markets and visit one of them during my trip next week 🙂

9 years ago


Just came across your post about Yes Dica and would like to update that this guy (the shopkeeper) is a star. Bought a D7100, 50 1.8 and 80-200 2.8 (1 ring – push pull/ AF-D) and he offered the best rates as far as I know. Anyone who is interested in buying camera accessories, I would highly recommend checking out YesDica. Better go there after a thorough market research and believe me, you’ll be more than satisfied regarding his prices.
You can checkout my recent shots at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/67146371@N03/

Ramel Galang
Ramel Galang
6 years ago

Hi do they have a contact nunber