the famous historical eatery city of Korea, Jeonju. it takes around 2 hours to get there by bus and I’ve been there twice.

IMG_3880 copy

they hold many events there and it is not only a foreigner place; it’s a place where couples, families etc enjoy the traditional bits of Korea.

IMG_3886 copy

there’s this hanok village in Jeonju except it is overly commercialized and there aren’t actually many families living there anymore U_U. but it is still nice because the government keeps it clean and well preserved.

IMG_3894 copy

look at that wood on the left side of the picture. don’t it look like a face wth.

IMG_3896 copy


IMG_3912 copy

basically the whole area feels like this.

IMG_3918 copy

and the newer buildings like this.

IMG_3921 copy

can’t help but to take a picture of this picture. the little girl is so cute can die ahhhhhhhhhh!

IMG_3944 copy

I don’t know how to smile facing the sun. it’s true.

IMG_3957 copy

overpriced cool handmade stuff. =3.

IMG_3958 copy

and more handmade stuff. the whole street sells things like pottery to little carved wooden animals. fans, paper, alcohol are the few famous souvenirs here too.

IMG_3960 copy

one of the streets from the many streets at the whole hanok area.

IMG_3967 copy

popular Jeonju makgeolli (rice wine)

IMG_3970 copy

classroom-like restaurant.

IMG_3978 copy

some famous church in Jeonju. but since I am not Christian I did not bother going into the church since there was a wedding ceremony held there.

IMG_3999 copy

one of the many Bibimbap places! I think this is the famous one. not sure which one was it already but there was this huge bibimbap place which should be one of the most famous judging from it’s price, size and crowd.

IMG_4004 copy

have never understood the thing about Koreans in animal suits. it’s cute but it isn’t for ALL occasions =S.

IMG_4037 copy

we settled for Galbitang (galbisoup/beef ribs soup) which costed 10,000won. was quite alright. fresh beef but it was rather bland for me.

IMG_4038 copy

you might not see it but that orange dish there’s pumpkin! I just love how Koreans serve pumpkins which these sugary sauce yum yum.

IMG_4047 copy

silly things that I do :3.

IMG_4067 copy

if you go to Jeonju, you MUST try their yoghurt. it costs about 4,000won for the biggest bottle of Yoghurt which has a slight taste of cheese. it is SO SO SO GOOD. serious. the pictures were from a year ago hahahahha. I forgot to blog about Jeonju T_T I’m sorry heheheh.

IMG_4083 copy


IMG_4098 copythere’s this not too high hill to hike up to and if you do, you’d see this rest area where people just come to lie down on the floor, play chess, picnic etc.

IMG_4107 copy

as for me, I went to finish up my awesome yoghurt drink. it was very thick and I couldn’t explain just how full I was from it.

IMG_4139 copy

the view from the hill! well halfway up the hill.

IMG_4146 copy

pomeranians in Korea look like teddy bears.

okay since I went to Jeonju again after a month, I will just combine the two posts. it was getting a LITTLE  bit more chilly and I went back for the 2nd time for the bibimbap.

IMG_6177 copy

Jeonju is well known for their Bibimbap (and Ddeokgalbi). and what you’re seeing above is my RM40/13,000won worth of raw beef bibimbap in a silver dish pfft. it was so expensive but I thought I must try this disgusting raw beef for at least once at a famous restaurant which I did. and I regretted it. it was disgusting. it tastes so weird. raw egg and raw beef. who knows what kind of worm will form inside my stomach T_T. I am not very picky when it comes to food but this was really disgusting T_T.

IMG_6183 copy

Wai Kit had his bowl of COOKED  beef and it was so good. plus, it was much cheaper as well!!! PFFFFFFT. and Jeonju has some particular taste of banchan (side dishes). it doesn’t taste bad. but it is just different from the normal banchans you can get from Seoul. for example, their mushroom in soybean. errrrrrr. just weird.

IMG_6196 copy

random cafe. they had some really nice cafes there which I forgot to take pictures of.

IMG_6212 copy

Jeonju traditional patbingsu. no idea where exactly was this. but if you explore the whole hanok village (which isn’t hard because it ain’t that big), you’d definitely see a long line outside this shop where people either have this take-away or eat-in. and I must say, this is the best patbingsu I’ve had in Korea. that thing about the black sesame powder. just so fragrant =3. Wai Kit still preferred Homilpat at Sinchon hahaha because of the smooth milk ice. but homilpat isn’t traditional!

IMG_6218 copy

interior of the patbingsu cafe.

IMG_6294 copy

hi nerd.

IMG_6299 copy

the pictures of the buildings are just so much better than when it was super hot. taking pictures in the summer is just not as nice since the weather is disgusting and hazy. whereas during the other colder seasons, the skies would be clear and blue =3. perfect for photography!

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10 years ago

… that house in jeonju looks like the one they used in perfect match..
you have mentioned patbingsu before (the oreo-tower one) which I really liked. It is weird how they serve it though. But does patbingsu a general term for cookie-dessert?? 😀