it was a lovely autumn day and it was the “cultural day” for people of level 5 to visit Unhyungung 운현궁. there were 3 courses where we make tea, wear korean traditional clothes and make cute little hanboks out of paper.

IMG_6684 copy

such a beautiful day, yes?

IMG_6692 copy

as for my class, we started off with tea.

IMG_6717 copy

awkward face pfft. but the tea session was quite fun it was like real masak-masak (cooking game in malay). wait. it is REAL masak-masak hahaha.

IMG_6722 copy

and you eat yak-gwa 약과 to go with ze Korean tea.

IMG_6723 copy

also! you gotta eat the yakgwa like this. covering your hand with one mouth and putting the whole yakgwa into your mouth wth what happens if we eat the huger yakgwa. D=.

IMG_6730 copy

must have a picture with the paintings behind.

IMG_6844 copy

then we proceeded to the next room to wear Korean traditional outfits. sad for the guys because there were only 3 available for them but then theirs were so much prettier pfft. only 1 guy came in my class. there were.. only 3 guys in my class that time but 2 didn’t come D=. class with the most girls hahaha.

IMG_6749 copy

made out of 3pieces of paper. + another one for the ribbon in front. it’s all folding and gluing. I once thought you can attach it just like that but I guess I was wrong =S.

anyway, after that Megumi and I went for lunch and we strolled around Samcheongdong. =D.

IMG_7004 copy

best Hoddeok of its kind in Samcheongdong. (in my opinion).

IMG_7006 copy

I prefer the Honey Hoddeok and they are all 1,000won only! nyam nyam. the Auntie can speak in Japanese too! awesome D=.

IMG_7007 copy

here’s a picture of my pretty best friend =3. she’s very shy and thinks that all her pictures are horrible looking pfft.

IMG_7009 copy

spicy soy sauce for you to “paint” on your vegetable hoddeok. yeap that’s an apple. in soy sauce? yes. in soy sauce.

IMG_7010 copy

my honey hoddeok. it’s a must have (almost) every time I visit Samcheongdong!

IMG_7018 copy

the door of some cafe. just too cute.

IMG_7023 copy

my favourite alley in Samcheongdong because it’s artistic like that. there’s a cafe at the end and I finally tried it but it was so bloody expensive T_T. like 7,000won for a glass of hot chocolate. it’s nice though.

IMG_7035 copy

more alleys.

IMG_7055 copy

the exterior of the expensive cafe. it’s very cozy inside and super artistic outside.

IMG_3274 copy

the inside of the cafe. taken this year haha.

IMG_3289 copy

I am not sure if they do it during the colder seasons but during Summer, the boss(?) of the shop draws 1 minute portraits for 1,000won. it’s artistically ugly so I’d pass for this but the queue was amazing.

IMG_7057 copy

another reason to love this street in Samcheongdong is for it’s photogenic-ness.

IMG_7064 copy

there are many shoots around this area and you may see your favourite idol or model here too sometimes! =D.

IMG_7071 copy

just too cute!

IMG_7080 copy

even the “don’t throw rubbish” sign is cute!

IMG_7092 copy

trying to act all pretty hahahahaha. quite phail. =S. but the background is still awesome.

IMG_7095 copy

this is just cute. but super overpriced for it’s cuteness T_T.

IMG_7130 copy

the not-ready-pose.

IMG_7147 copy

on the way to Cheongwadae. can you believe it, it was my first time there pfft. after more than half a year being in Korea at that time.

IMG_7232 copy

you couldn’t take pictures facing the other parts of Cheongwadae but it’s fine here. not sure why you can’t but it’s just scary where the guards looks at everybody with a suspicious eye D=.

IMG_7238 copy


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10 years ago

i guess i’m the first one to comment again.. hahahahaha 😀
I think you missed describing the taste of yakgwa and honey hoddeok?? hihihihihi
(just curious how tasty are they) 😀

10 years ago

i guess i’m the first one to comment again.. hahahahaha 😀
I think you missed describing the taste of yakgwa and honey hoddeok?? hihihihihi
(just curious how tasty they are) 😀

10 years ago

I like the traditional dress paper.. 😀 kawaii..!!

andrew w
andrew w
10 years ago

Your photos are so nice Jamie!
Can you tell me what camera you use please?

10 years ago

I’am fasting & now i’m read ur blog post about fooood…
Hoddeeok looks yummy….

love ur blog, coz I’m korean addictive… <3