like Yonsei and Korea University’s YonGoJeon, or GoYonJeon, we had our own Veritas-1 where Sungkyunkwan, Hanyang and Sogang battles among each other. except ours are much more of a smaller scale since it is our first time and also only the business school took part in it.

this took part some where in May during the Buddha’s Birthday. hence why I missed most of it (I went to the temple!) and got there just in time to see the performances. well, I paid for it so I might as well just go see their concert =D.

IMG_3389 copy

first up, we had 10cm! I am a BIG fan of 10cm. they sang “Americano” by the way, which was a real hit in Korea. always being compared to Busker Busker, these folks were always quite sensitive when they hear about Busker Busker hahaha. it was my 2nd time seeing them as I saw them once (VERY NEAR!!!) for the Media Faculty’s graduation concert. =D.

IMG_3391 copy

my camera broke on that day T_T. so I was on manual focus the whole day. up till now I haven’t got myself a new lens. anybody would like to donate their kit lens to me? gladly accept it =3.

IMG_3396 copy

finally! one clear shot!

IMG_3397 copy

and because most of us couldn’t see them since the stage wasn’t much levitated, he stood up! =3. just love how considerate and down to earth he is. he talks about very “open minded” stuff as well. hahahha. such a fun guy <3.

IMG_3418 copy

then we had Gina and that gay looking guy from Beast. Hyun Sunggg? the only member that I didn’t like in Beast =S. too gay for my liking. that guy who sang Trouble Maker with Hyuna.

IMG_3446 copy

hot hot hot. they call her the sex bomb of Korea.

IMG_3460 copy

Dynamic Duo

IMG_3465 copy

Supreme Team (I think? hope I didn’t mix them up!)

IMG_3470 copy

I didn’t enjoy their music but the Koreans went totally crazy for them hahaha. I liked 10cm and Gina best =3.


I was just too bored today haha. okay bye bye =D.

back to preparing for my last exam this Friday!

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10 years ago

Hi Jamie, Im amalia.. i love your blog. i went korea last January, I must say at first i thought it would be my last coming to korea for vacation. but then after my feet reached there and enjoying myself there with my colleagues I was like so happy and glad that i could experience such a very cold weather at the busy city. i know me and my cousins planned to go korea. then it would be my 2nd vacation in korea. i somehow love to check on your blog, updates on what happening. makes me feel so eager to come to korea again. thanks and keep it up great post. stay daebak!!

10 years ago

Hey! ^ ^ May I ask?
Is it safe to go travel alone to Korea? I am 15 but I will probably go when I’m 16. and do you know if I can stay at hostel even I am 16?
and I plan to go to university there, is their university hard?
Thankyou! 🙂

10 years ago

That comment about the Beast member. lol! I dont know Beast either so I wouldnt know whos who. But thanks for saying the guy who sang Troublemaker.. I was reminded! lol

10 years ago

leng lui blog~ hehe~

10 years ago

that last pic is a bit random. haha

10 years ago

😀 Will read this.. 😀

10 years ago

Hello 🙂 I was just wondering if you remember the name of the place you went while you we’re doing KLI with your classmates to make a cake for your professor? Coz I wanna bake a cake for a friend bday and I don’t have an oven

10 years ago

Hi Jamie,

I really enjoyed reading your blog post and was surprised to see you in Dan Khoo/Germaini’s clip on Youtube…

Chyan Sie
10 years ago

Frankly, I love 10CM’s “I’m fine thank you and you” song. They’re freaking awesome to say the least. Glad you’re one of their fans. Haha