if you’ve been to Myeongdong you might’ve spotted this shop with a LONG queue (almost always) called the Myeongdong Gyoja. well, if you’re a foreigner it is not like you would be able to read it because I do not think they have an english translation for it. anyways, it’s next to the back of the H&M on the main street (not the one at NOON complex).

IMG_0341 copy

it isn’t hard to spot as they have that long queue of people and the all maroon and white sign.

IMG_0342 copy

the queue behind me. it was crazy. gyoja is like…. gyoza in Japanese which means dumplings. but instead, I think they are more famous for their Kalguksu 갈국수 which was amazing.

IMG_0339 copy

they are also famous for their strong pungent kimchi. everybody seems to love their kimchi there. I personally really love kimchi. but theirs was just too strong for my taste.

IMG_0338 copy

it is like a NORM to order a basket of dumpling and a bowl of noodles if you go there on pairs. each would cost you 8,000won. not cheap, but it is pretty worth it. well, quite.



IMG_0337 copy

this is the amazing kalguksu. kalguksu literally mean knife noodles. I am sorry for all my muslim friends but this is non-halal as you can see the minced pork above the noodles which makes it extra awesome compared to the normal kalguksu’s you can find in Seoul.

IMG_0340 copy

oh right! you can also have a refill of noodles! hence the reason why you should only order 1 bowl of noodles. =D.

IMG_0336 copy

the sticky rice is a side dish. we added more noodles after we finished our noodles. kept some soup for the 2nd batch of noodles =3. if you ever need more noodles then just say “guksu chugahae juseyo” or “guksu jom deo juseyo”. you should totally do that because it is FREE =3. but it was because I was there with a growing teenage boy wth so he could eat a lot (and I can eat a lot though I am not growing anymore). these pictures was taken longgggggg ago. hence I was wearing an ajumma knit wear haha.

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9 years ago

oh oh~~i have been here too when i visited seoul last 2 years…their queue is really long~~luckily when i lunch still not so many ppl waiting~~but after i finish my lunch when i walk out soooo many ppl queueing~~
i try 1 of the soy nooddles (if not mistaken) i dont like tat soy taste~~~maybe cant get used to it~~ but the kalguksu noodle not bad~~saw many ppl order tis!! but6 i dunno can add for FREE!! will try next time >.<

9 years ago

,,dumplings… my oh my!!!! :D…. don’t mind the queue just to eat those.. 😀