one of the best cheesecake they said. I read about this cafe on many blogs and they have all given awesome comments on their not-so-mainstream cheesecake.

IMG_3537 copy

located at Hongdae; or  near Sangsu Station exit 1. included a map at the bottom of the post =). this place look like they serve very nice brunch as well but I forgot to take a picture of their very cute menu. =D. I think I am losing the blogging sense =S.

IMG_3536 copy

they also sell chocolates for like RM4-5 per chocolate U_U. that is so overpriced pfft. I would rather make my own chocolate pfffft.

IMG_3534 copy

they have quite a variety of cakes, pies and puddings. =3.

IMG_3521 copy

their super cute handmade menu.

and…. before we ordered anything else, we ordered the CHEESECAKE! it’s called the dense cheesecake or something.

IMG_3524 copy

thick cheesecake in a cup 5500won

placed in a cup and with some abstract chocolate syrup art, this dessert already looked amazing. the only thing about eating the cheesecake in a cup is that they lack of a nice biscuit crust. but because the creamy thick cheesecake is so delicious, I am satisfied.

IMG_3528 copy

strawberry smoothie 7000won

the best. I mean, THE BEST smoothie I’ve ever had in Korea. they surely did not skimp on the strawberries. even Smoothie King skimped on their mango smoothie, but they didn’t here. =D.

IMG_3533 copy

oh right, I had a hair cut! it is now 6 inches shorter U_U. but much healthier I guess. without all the split ends.

IMG_3529 copy

we ordered another one as we wanted to see what else they offer. but to my disappointment, it was quite average.

IMG_3527 copy

brownies! stacked. 6000won.

it wasn’t too chocolatey inside. quite dry at the same time moist. it was very thick. but not in a good way. =S. looks awesome with the gold leaf thingy on top but the taste was pretty average.

제이미 copy1

was in VDL a few days ago and they asked if they could take pictures of me and my friend. initially they said “we just need like a part of your face” but then they ended up taking like 20 pictures pfft. and it took almost 10 minutes. great. at least they photoshoped my face (a LOT) and it looks pretty decent =D.

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2013.6.27 | 지도 크게 보기 ©  NHN Corp.

here’s the map to Decoa Ballim by the way ^^. that is from Sangsu Station exit 1.

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11 years ago

jamie…u r getting so much korean day by day~~very pretty =)

11 years ago

Hi Jamie…you and your picture is so pretty!! This is so random…but can you become my photographer when I come to Korea?? 🙂

Eugene T.
Eugene T.
11 years ago

Wow. that picture looks like an advert!

11 years ago

your skin is so flawless :O the more i see your pictures, the more i think you resemble park shin hye!!

11 years ago

Great cakes.. 😀 expensive.. 😀