to you who’s visiting Seoul within this week : you’re in luck!!! because it’s the Buddha’s birthday next month and Cheonggyecheon (and well, most parts of Seoul) is decorated so prettily.

IMG_2371 copy

pretty no? even prettier at night. but I have lousy camera skills T_T my night shots were horrible.

IMG_2372 copy

attended R-16; a 3-3 B-Boy dance battle competition! with Cassie =3. my friend from Hong Kong! odd thing is that I do not seem to hang out with Koreans much. what’s wrong with me?! T_T. Koreans, come lets hang out =S.

IMG_2374 copy

and by luck, there was this Hi!Seoul festival going on with food from ALL OVER THE WORLD! which is awesome. because I long to try food from everywhere. I am normally thrifty but I splurged on street food that are not worth their price on that day.

IMG_2377 copy

some Egyptian food consists of pasta, rice and some nuts or whatever bean they are. and a nice yummy layer of ketchup topping it!

IMG_2380 copy

hi =D.

IMG_2391 copy

because we had many Brazilian friends. surprisingly, there are a LOT of Brazilian born Koreans.

IMG_2392 copy

Argentinian food =3.

IMG_2393 copy

it was.. very Latin American. what am I saying. this is the first time eating Argentinian food. but I can say it isn’t very well suited to Asians. but it’s not bad really. =3. love their garnish though. nothing without it hahaha.

IMG_2404 copy

Afghanistan food! it’s like curry satay. very nice =3. mmm.

IMG_2406 copy

AND MALAYSIAN FOOD! when I went there i suddenly felt like as if I am in Penang. but 5,000won for Nasi Lemak that costs less than RM3 in Malaysia? no thanks. =S.

IMG_2408 copy

we bought some nasi kuning with some sweetened Malaysian curry. it was pretty Malaysian but not very good. but good because I hadn’t had it for super long. anyway they gave us FREE sago with gula melaka! =3. my HK friend couldn’t accept it. she thinks that it is very pungent but… oh well less man more share =P.

IMG_2409 copy

Sri Lankan food. some egg apom thingy with spicy as hell sambal.


IMG_2413 copy

yum yum love the sambal <3. should’ve bought one more. regret. regret. regret.

IMG_2417 copy

the day wouldn’t be complete without beer. can’t see in the pic but it’s Estrella from Barcelona =P. nyam.

IMG_2455 copy

and so we went back to check out the semi finals and finals after filling our tummies =3. this is the winning team! I have predicted that they will win. and I am so right ahhahaha. oh well, they were really good. and they stood out!

but the main reason for my visit is………. JENG JENG JENG JENG.

IMG_2458 copy

JAY PARK! I know, I know, you can stop hating me now. =P.

IMG_2481 copy

he was the ambassador for this event though he did not do anything. and that’s the chairman for KTO. he’s white, speaks Korean fluently and is super tall. it’s not that Jay Park is short. OKAY?!

IMG_2486 copy

Jay Park sticking his tongue out. I took like a thousand (ok exaggerated.) pictures of Jay Park but it’s mostly all personal so.. =P.

IMG_2501 copy

here’s a picture of me and Jay Park. hahahahahahaha.

IMG_2549 copy

a picture of me and the awesome winners. okay I have to admit Jay Park was not too tall. he’s about the height of the tallest guy here. and I was wearing flats.

but Jay Park is still awesome. no matter what.

IMG_2550 copy


IMG_2565 copy

Cheonggyecheon in the evening =3. pretty, ain’t it?

IMG_2567 copy

perfect spot for dating. no joke.

IMG_2581 copy

and a little later.

IMG_2586 copy

and later.

IMG_2597 copy

Gwanghwamun, the place where this scene in Iris was shot at.

IMG_2600 copy

the fountain show.

IMG_2604 copy

it keeps changing colours. and it’s so pretty. I just hope I had a wide angle at that time T_T.

IMG_2606 copy

okay that’s all for now. you guys should really visit Gwanghwamun for this. it’s prettttty. I think the fountain comes on every hour or something. I’ve seen it a few times, but it is not always there. =S.

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11 years ago

Jamie 😀 I emailed you regarding Korea trip yday! Hope it doesn’t go to spam 😉

11 years ago

Was there on saturday….
Actually the malaysian stall is taken care by ppmk….
Some of us volunteer to help prepare the food…
Btw, french hot dog is the best… I think I spen almost rm60 to try street food that day… its crazily awesome though….

11 years ago

So pretty! And JAY PARK! Haha, can’t wait to return to Korea again to visit these places!