although it was 2 weeks ago, it isn’t too late is it? =D. after being in Yonsei for 1 year, I am now level 6 and am proud to say, I PASSED LEVEL 6! =3.


thank you Tom and Boukyoum for the flowers! =3.

yes-lah. I haz a very traditionalz chineze name. T_T.

IMG_1697 copy

the mini hair salon of the day! my class teacher is simple the best when it comes to hair =3.

IMG_1701 copy

Mari and Megumi, the 2 adorable Japanese classmate of mine <3.

IMG_1712 copy

Jeanette and Chen Yan, both from Singapore! pfft why do I look like some giant here T_T.

IMG_1715 copy

Hae-Bong ssi from Harbin!

IMG_1720 copy

waiting for the ceremony to start =P.

IMG_1752 copy

I was literally shaking above there. I do not know why pfft. I am just.. too touched ><“. I barely had time for Yonsei anymore since my classes started at Sungkyunkwan and they were clashing for 3 weeks T_T. yet I still passed pretty well except for listening for my finals =D.

IMG_1765 copy

with the best level 6 teacher ever. if you ever go up to level 6, you will surely see my teacher. she has been a level 6 teacher for 2 years and she had just graduated from her PHD! and is now Dr. 007 heheheh. we call her 007 teacher because her name is 이은경. where each first korean alphabet look like 007 (ㅇㅇㄱ).

IMG_1771 copy


IMG_1784 copy

my level 5 Class Monitor. and I am level 6’s Class Monitor! even though I did not do anything much.. =S.

IMG_1803 copy

with Karin and Mori ssi!!! =3. Mori looked like he was all set for a traditional drama hahahaha.

IMG_1756 copy

don’t have the original picture of all of us together but this is the best I’ve got. =S.

IMG_1809 copy

mind you, it was freezing. around 0 degrees and I wore mini skirt. pfft.

IMG_1815 copy

the hair style my class teacher did for me! =3. it was so pretty except I looked really really really Chinese with it. plus the modern cheongsam.

PS : reason why I couldn’t wear a Hanbok’s because I had to rush for class right after my graduation ceremony in Sungkyunkwan T_____T. le sigh.

IMG_1567 copy

메구미, 지넷, 이은경 선생님, 마사요, 기정, 칼란, 마리, 일철, 안방. thank you for being such fun classmates T_T. 지금가지 잘 해줘서 정말 정말 고마웠어요 내 반친구들~! 같은 반에 들어 가서 우리의 연분이다. 이젠 우리 해어져야 되지만… 다음엔 꼭 다시 만날 것이다! 우리의 연분은 여기에 끝나는 것이 아니라서! =3. 여러분 사랑한다!

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11 years ago

your dress by somerset bay!!

11 years ago

congrates!! very pretty in cheongsam =) After all, ur classmate all going back to their country or still continue study?

11 years ago

Congrats 🙂 You and your friend megumi always look gorgeous.Actually you both look alike 🙂 Anyways,if its not too much trouble, can i know how much your tuition fees and rent in sungkyunkwan are? I am interested in the business course too 🙂

11 years ago

Congrats!! So proud of u! I’m actually now in Korea!! The weather was terrible ytd I almost froze to death haha. I’m going off to Mount Sorak tmr, can’t wait!! Now I understand why u enjoy staying here, it’s awesome. 🙂 btw, I’m going to myeongdong the day after n I plan to buy some Korean brand clothing like bean pole, Olivia Lauren.. Any good suggestions? Or places I could go to buy affordable clothing?

11 years ago

congrats jamie!! Wow time flies so fast. I actually haven’t visited your blog in a while. and now you are u plan to stay in korea?

11 years ago

I just happen to stumble upon your blog and I am loving it already!
Cant wait to read more blog posts!!
Btw you look stunning in a cheong sam (:

Da Feng
11 years ago

Congratulations! 🙂

11 years ago

Hey Jamie! I just got back from Korea last week! I must say it was amazing! From KL too haha. Congrats on ur graduation! Btw, what course are u studying in Korea? What r u majoring? Is it good to study there? I would really appreciate if u reply me cus it would really help me decide on furthering my education. Thanks so much and loving ur blog to bits! 🙂

Yu Hua
Yu Hua
10 years ago

Hi Jamie! I just found out your blog 🙂

I am a Malaysian and is now studying in Konkuk University, Korean Language Program. Due to some personal reasons I feel like changing.
I would like to ask is Yonsei difficult? From what I heard Yonsei is very grammar-orientated. Is it true?
Oh and can I know if there a lot of foreign students there? 🙂 What are the students nationalities like in Yonsei? Because in Konkuk’s KLI, there are more than 90% of the students are Chinese (from China).

I hope you can see this and reply me soon! 😀

9 years ago

Hi there!

Thank you so much for all the information regarding the Korean language program! I know this post is way back, but I am looking for some advices and would really appreciate if you could reply me!

I am a Korean that studied 14 years in overseas and am planning to return to Korea for University. But I have to take up the Korean language program before entering the actual University.

Well, I had never studied in an actual Korean school but I can speak and read Korean but I doubt is up to standard as it is just causally taught by my dad. So, which University would you recommend me to go for the Korean language program?

Thank you in advance!