MT stands for Membership Training. don’t know why but oh well. we get “trained” to drink here, to cut things short.

IMG_1831 copy

most MT’s are held at 대성리 Daeseongri. be it people from Yonsei, SNU, Korea U, Sogang, they alllllll come here. the staple place for all Korean MT’s. located near Chuncheon. the rent of a “hall” for a night would cost around 300k I heard. for a place so secluded and without much facilities, heck that’s expensive!

IMG_1837 copy

and from the station, it’s another 15minutes walk. not TOO far to be honest =D. at the same time I admired the view. it’s not very often for me going to the kampungs (country side).

IMG_1854 copy

our heroes of the night!!! *tsk* they bought like the most meat I’ve ever seen in my life. but of course, to feed like 40 of us, it’s just right. =D. but barbequing with those crazy fire is.. quite crazy.

IMG_1859 copy

the pretty girls in my class =3. it’s funny how all the girls sit together. hahaha. but we do mix around when it’s alcohol time!

IMG_1863 copy

since all the girls sit together, all the guys were left alone. there were actually more girls than guys in our class but I guess most girls didn’t come for MT =S.

IMG_1865 copy

and when we continue to eat more. basically we just had marinated pork dipped with ssamjang (bean paste chilly sauce?) and lots and lots of delicious kimchi!

IMG_1900 copy

poor guy who got attacked by a “samgyupsal role”! it was so hot and his gums were like burnt or something =S.


IMG_1914 copy

can you believe it!!! she’s born in 1995. but so pretty and is already in university! in Korea if you’re born early in the year, you’d be attending classes with people 1 year older. so.. =D.

IMG_1919 copy

only Korea has such awesome huge packets of chips. its more than double the size of our Mr Potato.

IMG_1924 copy

so after dinner, the game begins!

IMG_1929 copy

can you see the amount of green soju bottles tsk. for this round, they mix all sort of alcohol with all sort of soft drinks in a bowl and the one’s who got picked out must drink from it. =S. and finish it. they had this thing like a monopoly board where you roll the dice and see where it lands. but on the board, it’s filled with who should drink. say, “people who’s wearing a necklace”, “those who do not need to go for the army”, “all girls”, “all freshmen”, “all foreigners”. stuff like that.

IMG_1932 copy

the few poor ones who had to finish the HUGE bowl of alcohol!

IMG_1949 copy

at like 3am in the morning, we got hungry again and so we made JAPAGURI!! there’s this Jjajangmyun ramyun called the “Japaghetti” and this spicy soup based ramyun called “Noguri”. you basically mix both of them and create this awesome Japaguri. where it brings the best of these 2 ramyun. I’m telling you.. it’s SO good.

IMG_1952 copy

and even later at night, after some people K.O-ed the ones who remains? CONTINUES DRINKING.


IMG_1957 copy

some people just don’t sleep because there are “consequences” for sleeping. =P. I slept but each time they try to touch my face I’d cover my face. just too alert when I sleep.

IMG_2012 copy

the view at 6am in the morning. =3.

IMG_2014 copy

the building where our hall was. there’s already 3 (or was it4?) halls at the bottom! and they were all full! imagine the amount of money these people here earn! but of course, only during the peak MT times =S. so it is no wonder they charged more.

I guess this is all for now, tell you more next time! =D! tata!

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11 years ago

just wondering ~~y r the boys all wearing same jackets? school jackets?

11 years ago

I remembered jigglypuff (pokemon) who loves to draw things on people’s faces when they are asleep… hahahahahahahahaha.. Poor people on the photo..!!!

Jamie.. just wanted to ask if MT is only for drinking???( cause if it is I will surely need this one hahahahahahaha) or is there any more significant than that??

Keep posting!! Ajja 😀

11 years ago

that amount of alcohol is crazily unbelievable!!! that’s why their tolerance becomes higher as they grow older. tsk! but am sure that’s loads of fun. i pity those who can’t drink much. hehe!

11 years ago

believe it or not, there’s also MT in melbourne uni… i didn’t go because my korean fail. haha but i don’t think i ever will, with all that drinking. i would die and fall sick for five weeks. D:

11 years ago

Hi! Just came across your website only until today!! Should have found this earlier. Haha
But can i ask if when you first go over korea to study,are you alone?
Im thinking of attending yonsei 3week programme!

9 years ago

omg would you recommend someone to go to a MT?
I am currently studying at Yonsei as an exchange student and I am debating whether I should go or not e u e;