Korean Curry?

had a lot of them, in fact. my boarding house cooks it every week.

Indian Curry?

well, I am from Malaysia. =D.

Korean Indian Curry? now that’s a fusion. if the shop isn’t operated by Indians and their shop is labelled as an “Indian Curry” shop. be prepared to try the weirdest curry of all the weirdest curry. the Korean Indian Curry.

went to this shop I’d always walked pass in Hongdae. it’s next to that scary comedy theater. it’s called “DELHI”. if you’re facing Hongik University, go to your left and walk straight and you will see it on the left hand side of the road.

IMG_1578 copy

finally paid this famous (I think, judging that every time I walk pass, it’s pretty filled.) a visit and to my surprise, it is actually not bad! I wouldn’t say it is cheap food but it is IN budget. and definitely cheaper compared to the authentic Indian Curry restaurants here in Seoul.

IMG_1579 copy

Donkatsu Curry with rice.

IMG_1580 copy

we selected the HOTTER one but it wasn’t at all hot to me. I shall select the hottest next time. the thing about Korean Indian Curry is that.. it isn’t just entirely sweet (but still delicious) and has almost nothing but potatoes-Korean Curry. nor is it spicy and super fragrant like the Indian Curry. BUT, it is the mixture of both. it has a tint of Indian spices with half the sweetness of Korean Curry.

IMG_1581 copy

and Curry Udon.

wait, what? CURRY UDON? this is definitely Japanese.

weird but delicious. out of 10, I’d give it a.. 7?

IMG_15742 copy

on a lunch date with my Japanese model friend, Kenji! =D.

he was always very gobsmacked on how I can remember his surname every time (Ogawa) and I finally told him that it’s a brand in Malaysia supposedly from Japan. which he was even more surprised because he has never heard of such a brand in Japan before. which I later found out that.. it is a Malaysian brand. named by a Malaysian Chinese couple. pfft.

IMG_1583 copy

the purpose of meeting Kenji was actually to bring him to Aa Design Museum (cafe) as he likes BoA too! =D.
*BoA had her video shot here!

IMG_1588 copy

told him to strike me a handsome model pose. and he gave me a sexy Arabian girl stare. haha.


must camwhore. =D.

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11 years ago

curry that is not sweet?haha great 🙂 man u always get to meet all the handsome guys 🙂 love your life <3

11 years ago

Lol! Your friend is cute. But in the last photo, he kinda looks like Norman Reedus…The hot zombie-slayer in The Walking Dead. hehe 🙂

11 years ago

never tasted variety of curry before… only chicken curry I guess.. hehehehe 😀

Hope to try this one.. 🙁

11 years ago

hmm…i’m curious how Korean Indian curry tastes like. Never tried it before and the only curry that I eat has coconut mixed in it. Is it the same?

And your friend is good looking. haha!

11 years ago

Hi!!! Love reading about your stories on your blog. Guess you should be a pro about going around Korea? I’m going there around June, free and easy. Will I get lost trying to find my way around if I take the subway?