Spring is finally here and so are exams. Korea have this thing against students being able to go out during the peak of both spring and autumn. it’s simply just atrocious. how can they do that to me pfft. but as you can see, nothing can exactly stop me from admiring these pretty spring buds. except I didn’t have any time to go to Yoeuido this time. not that I enjoyed it the last time actually. I thought it was too crowded and the only 1 sided cherry blossoms were mehhh. but I found another destination which is called Ansan near where I’m staying but again, NOT ENOUGH TIME! I will go there this weekend despite having tonnes of homework (during exam week. I know right?) RAWR! here’s a korean blog with the pictures of Ansan : http://blog.daum.net/miso3923/148

so how was it? enjoyed it? well I doubt this year would be this nice because of the weird weather T_T. it is hot and cold. sigh. so cherry blossoms bloom at like complete different times. it’s supposed to well, bloom last week around Friday. if I go this weekend it would probably be bald T_T. sigh. I will just give it a shot anyway since it is known that in Ansan, cherry blossoms bloom late. I actually went there about 10 days ago and they were just budding =S.

anyway back to topic, here’s some spring/cherry blossom pictures taken at my school! =D.

IMG_2099 copy

welcome to ahem the BUSINESS SCHOOL! business buildings are always the prettiest =3. well mainly because they get the most funding. =D.

IMG_2104 copy

=3. but the trees here weren’t that pretty to be honest T_T. I remembered that the flowers were really really packed on every tree. but now it’s just for the older cherry blossom trees U_U.

IMG_2107 copy

the hill I have to walk up EVERYDAY for class. and after that, I still have a crazy flight of stairs to climb up to T_T.

IMG_2111 copy

cherry blossoms in Korea are whitish but they are still super pretty! ♥.

IMG_2120 copy


IMG_2124 copy

take 2.

IMG_2128 copy

take 3.

IMG_2134 copy


IMG_2148 copy

with a girl my batch but like… 1 or 2 years older than me. T_____T. #feelsoold.

IMG_2155 copy

and downhillllll.

IMG_2157 copy

the path to get out from my school D=. look at the floor. the cherry blossoms are falling like nobody’s business already!

IMG_2167 copy

and why do I like Sungkyunkwan? well, I was in love the first time I came here. different from Yonsei which had the British touch, SKKU has a Korean touch! =3!

IMG_2170 copy

that building on the left is the ORIGINAL 600++ years old Sungkyunkwan where King Sejong is somehow affiliated and that two awesome man in the 1000won and 5000won graduated from Sungkyunkwan!

don’t mean to show off *coughs* but I memorized this and it didn’t bloody come out in my exam.

so apparently, hundreds of years ago, to get into Sungkyunkwan you must first prepare to take the “daegwa대과”. before taking that you must be illegible. you must first pass the “sogwa소과” examinations (people who pass are called “jinsa진사” or “saengwon생원” and then stay in the dorms of Sungkyunkwan until you accumulated 300points. to get 1 point, you must eat breakfast and dinner. (pfft I know right weird policy. well they want their students to be healthy!) and as for the “daegwa” examinations. it occurs once every 3 years and in each exam only 33 people would pass it.

holy. mother. of. kimchis.

IMG_2171 copy

and the grand entrance to my grand grand school. hahaha. so traditional.

IMG_2173 copy

and the road towards Daehakno대학로! if you plan on visiting my school ahems. you may. just take the subway to Hyehwa Station 혜화역 and get out from exit 4.

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2013.4.22 | 지도 크게 보기 ©  NHN Corp.

here’s a map on the directions to Sunkyunkwan Univeristy =D.

(directions to Ansan Park : take bus 03 from Sinchon Station Exit 3. get off at “Seodaemun Guchong” and walk to your left for about 100m before turning right and up the hill!)

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2013.4.22 | 지도 크게 보기 ©  NHN Corp.
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11 years ago

so so pretty!!!

11 years ago

you can have your damn nice views, i’ll enjoy my food here!

11 years ago

Jamie! What dslr model and lens did you use to take the cherry blossom photos? Thank you 🙂

11 years ago

Hi Pretty, I’m doing a survey on students in a foreign country. If you have time could you help me?

Do koreas go to university directly after they completed high school? Or do only those who can afford the expensive school fees attend them? Is it normal for students to work for 1 or 2 years and save up for university?

Really appreciate your time ^^

11 years ago

LOoooove it!!!! When you mention Sungkyunkwan… the korean drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal will always register to me… I guess this is where they got the drama from.. hahahahahahaha..

I’d love to see the inside view of their library too… 😀 hihihihi

10 years ago

Hello Jamie!!

An excellent blog and a wonderful read. I will be coming to SKKU in spring to start my PhD at the campus in Suwon. Accommodation and food are provided by the uni, but do you think a fellowship of 1000$ will be enough if I am doing the cooking myself and staying in a shared room with basic amenities? Also, how are the banking facilities? I’ve read that VISA doesnt work there, and since I will be staying there for almost 5 years I dont want to start off on the wrong foot!

Bookmarked your blog. Looking forward to more of your adventures.


10 years ago

Thank you for replying Jamie! I was going through your blog (rather I must say studying it) and noticed the drinking culture in Korea. However, I am er… ‘allergic’ to alcohol (I’ll puke even before I drink it) and I also cant stand smoking. Is there a way I can ‘politely’ excuse myself from the ‘customary’ drinking?


8 years ago

Hi Jamie! 🙂

I’ve just bumped into your page when trying looking for some photos of cherry blossom. So nice to know that you also attend Sungkyunkwan Univ 🙂 *though I graduated last Feb :(* Don’t know if you still attend our school or not, but wish you luck anyway 😉

such a nonsense comment haha~ just want to tell you that your blog is so nice 😉 keep up the good work ^^~