so a few days ago Wai Kit sent me a picture of this tower patbingsu and asked me if I was interested. I’ve known about this oreo patbingsu for a long time since I often walk pass it. but little did I know, their oreo patbingsu is incredulously tall.

IMG_2024 copy

the location is rather easy to find. it’s on that road from U-plex (Sinchon) towards Megabox (Edae). for foreigners it might be a little tricky. but just get off at Sinchon (line 2 green line) and take the the U-plex (complex exit and you will see the red mirror tube thingy) exit. cross over to the other side of the road (you will see Etude House on the other side of the road.). you should see Krispy Kreme, Look Optical and Olive young on your side of the road as you walk. just walk straight!!!!!!!!!!! about 5 minutes walk. just keep on your side of the road.

IMG_2026 copy

this is how the entrance to Cafe Container look like.

IMG_2027 copy

the urban interior.

IMG_2029 copy

lov is so sweat. *sweat* (thumbs up if you play RO.)

I always wondered where they get these window drawing pens. pfft. it’s so pretty!

IMG_2031 copy

their pop-art-ish menu. definitely not cheap but considered reasonable on Korean standards! =3.

IMG_2033 copy

Oreo Patbingsu for 2. it’s ALRIGHT. I won’t be craving for it but after you’ve finished the “tower”, you should mix the bottom and I must say, it was really good. I think it’s made of the cream filling part of Oreos. =3.

IMG_2034 copy

me, my messy hair and the Oreo Patbingsu Tower. the whole place is filled with bean bags which was a little uncomfortable for eating. but I guess it’s something special =D. but for 13,000won, it’s pretty expensive I must say. but at least the portion’s HUGEEEEEEEEEE.

IMG_2038 copy

we also ordered the Nutella Pancake. I’ve heard from some of my friends that it was good. but boy, IT WAS REALLY GOOD! I mean, I’ve tried making pancakes and it was definitely not easy =S. I was so taken aback by how delicious it was I think I will try to make pancakes more often until I get this quality pfft. and only 7,000won!

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11 years ago

Omg I love oreo too!!!! what if the oreo “tower” drop? Hahahah btw you’re getting prettier day by day!

11 years ago

that’s like the most kiasu tower of dessert ever. lol

11 years ago

wow ! definitely gonna try this when am there next month.

11 years ago

Hi Jamie, would like to ask u if coloured/circle lens is a staple for korean girls? and are they affordable and medical certified in korea? thankiu~~

11 years ago

Hi Jamie, I think you look like Park Shin Hye on many photos =)

11 years ago

How did you eat that oreo patbingsu?? I won’t probably be needing a spoon when I start from the top.. Ahahaha.