this is actually a more organized version of the last post about clubs in Seoul. I’ve updated my last blog post which is listed on my “travel” page with the information below as well. this time, I’ve gathered much more information and I hope this answers some of your questions. note that every 10,000won is RM30.

1. Octagon
super high end club. this club was my favourite and is still my favourite. it’s where the people with class go to. they do not dance like secondary kids and heck I love DJ KOO whom’s a regular there. they have an event like almost every time and DJ’s as famous as Skillrex have DJ-ed there before. if you want to see pretty girls/handsome guys. this is the place for you to go. I’d say, even if you don’t club, just go in and gawk at the people there. they are such eye candies you’d never regret every single dime you spend to get in it. they are also said to have one of the best sound system in Asia!
cover charge : 10,000won before 11; 30,000won after; 10,000won after 4am (check site. price might vary on big events.) includes 1 glass of drink.
cost of average drink : 10,000won
cost of average bottle : 300,000won
how to get there : get off at Hakdong Station 학동역 (line 7) exit 4, stick to the same side of the road and walk up the slope for 5 minutes. it will be on your right. OR get off at Yoksam Station 역삼역 (line 2) exit 6, same side of the road, walk straight for 15minutes. 5minutes by taxi. I’d suggest taxi if you’re in Gangnam. to avoid walking in heels, or in the cold. if you take the taxi, tell them to go to New Hilltop Hotel at Gangnam
genre : electronic (main), house, trance…. (I prefer their songs after 12)
operating hours : 10pm-6am.
rest days : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
PS : free entry every Thursday. (Jan 2013 only)

2. Ellui
most Koreans prefer Ellui. drinks are not as expensive and crowd’s not bad. people here are much more approachable.  the DJ deck elevates. wide dance floor. there are a lot of eye candies here too ^^. people here dance well as well, musics not bad. it is a little less classy if you would compare it with the super high end Octagon but most people feel more comfortable here.
cover charge : 15,000won weekdays, 30,000won weekends. 1 drink included. world DJ playing? 30,000~60,000won.
how to get there : get off Chungdam Station 청담역 (line 7) exit 13. walk straight from there, cross the road and you’ll be there at about 11minutes. if not, you can tell the taxi driver to get to Ellui Hotel, remember, it’s pronounced as ell-lu-ii. ^^.

3. Eden
I’ve never been here. been told that it is beautiful but nothing much to do. most movies involving a club scene are shot here. heard that this is a place artists frequents. it has a  huge dance floor. and from pictures, it seems like there are quite a fair amount of hot girls and foreigners.
cover charge : 20,000won (Wed, Thurs, Sun), 30,000won (Fri, Sat)
how to get there : get off at Gangnam Station (line 2) exit 7. go towards Hannam Bridge and you will reach in 16minutes. by car, 8minutes. by foot, at a crossroad (교보생명 사거리), turn right and walk for 20m.
operating hours : 9pm-4am
some more infos : to get to VIP, you can open bottles (free cover charge, of course!). 1 bottle for 4 people (400,000won), 2 bottles for 6 people 530,000won, 2 bottles for 6 people at the 2nd floor for 650,000won, a private room at the 2nd floor won’t cost more than 1,200,000won.

4. Club 88 (Double Eight)
probably the place with the sluttiest girls I’ve ever seen. very wild. they have the “whistle” guys to go along with their horrible (to me) electronic music. shoots fire in the middle, and that’s pretty cool =P. small place though. I don’t really like this place because I hate the music.
cover charge : 20,000won weekdays and 30,000won weekends. free drinks on Fridays, Saturdays and Holidays WHOLE NIGHT!
how to get there : Sinsa Station (line 3) exit 1. right outside you can say. just walk a BIT more.  it is underground.
operating hours : 10pm-10am
rest days : Monday
genre : electronic

5. Club Holic
just 5minutes walk away from Club 88 (if you’re from Sinsa Station exit 1, just keep walking straight), this club gives me that sort of naughty feeling. not too huge. it’s something like Zouk KL’s main room/Phuture. and a little bigger I. if you want to see some pole dancing, here’s your chance ;). a LOT of hot sexy girls. they wear literally SEXY clothing. I am talking about like super cropped tops and low cut.
cover charge : 20,000won on Thursdays (inclusive of 1 drink), 30,000won on Fridays and Saturdays (1 drink as well)
operating hours : 10pm-8am (thurs), 10pm-9am (fri, sat)
genre : electronic

6. Phantom
another 3minutes walk but from the OTHER direction of Club 88. if you’re facing club 88, then walk to your right. it’s at the smooth corner of the shop lots =D. heard it’s pretty fun. not too big not too small.
cover charge : 20,000won
how to get there : Sinsa Station (line 3) exit 2
operating hours : 10pm-9am
genre : hiphop

7. Answer
a famous club in Seoul too. but my Malaysian friends whom I’ve brought to Octagon told me it’s nothing special. it’s located a few blocks away from Ellui. it is considered as a high end club with their posh interiors. many fancy this club as well. my Austrian classmate was a VIP here!
cover charge : 20,000won (sun, mon, tues, wed, thurs) 30,000won (fri, sat)
how to get there : Chungdam Station 청담역 (line 7) exit 13. walk striaght turn to your left and you will see it opposite the road.
operating hours : 9pm-6am
genre : electronica

8. Club NB (Noise Basement) & Harlem
owned by YG Entertainment, you can expect to bump into your favourite YGE artists in this club. my friend danced with Seungri in NB2 Hongdae so you know what to expect ;D. the best hip hop clubs around. crowd is fine and it is not as packed as the one in Hongdae. NB and Harlem are actually 2 different clubs but under the same company and is located very nearby =).
cover charge : mon~wed before 11pm, free entry for girls, 10,000won for guys. thurs and suns 15,000won, fri and sat 20,000won.
how to get there : Gangnam Station (line 2) exit10. heading towards Kyobo Tower, 500M. turn left on the 3rd junction left. OR get off Sinnonhyun Station 신논현역 (line 9) exit 6, walk straight and turn right on the 2nd right junction.
operating hours : 9pm-630am

1. Bar Fly
most likely the most famous club in Sinchon. free entrance, cheap drinks. what do you want more? =P. quite dodgy though, the crowd. I remember my first time there when my guy friend went away for a while and I was sitting on the sofa with another girl and suddenly these 6-7 guys just came in a storm and started putting their arms around us and trying to talk to us. that was pretty scary. well, they looked gangster-ish so… a lot of foreigners since it’s in Sinchon =D.
cover charge : N/A
how to get there : Sinchon Station take the U-Plex exit and walk towards Yonsei University. turn left when you see McDonalds (NOT the McD at exit 3.) and you’ll see Barfly on your right.

2. Mike’s Cabin
another famous spot for Yonsei students. similar with Bar Fly but filled with darts, foosball and stuff. American Style, cozy. it’s more of a drinking place rather than a club. or should I say, it’s just a famous drinking place, not a club. hehe.
cover charge : N/A
how to get there : walk towards Yonsei University and turn left at the next junction after Mcdonalds. walk in straight all the way and you’ll see it on your left.

3. other clubs in Sinchon
there are quite a few others but really dodgy. they do not normally have a cover charge and drinks are cheap. if there’s a cover charge it would probably be 10,000won.

1.  Club NB 2 & Harlem
just like the one in Hongdae, but I guess not as posh and much more packed. people here wears sneakers into the club. since it’s a hip hop club you shall not find that surprising. girls here are less appealing but the music’s great (for me) and crowds awesome. just that their dance is very “kpopish” and pretty funny for first timers. the club cater the younger crowd and you can laugh at their dance moves all night long. the first time I was there, I thought to myself “what’s with those hand gestures?!”. eye opener. people here are very approachable. drinks are cheap. 4 tequilas for 10,000won. if you’re a foreigner, you can even get a 5,000won discount!
cover charge : 10,000won inclusive of a drink (sun~thurs), 20,000won inclusive of a drink (fri and sat)
how to get there : walk towards Hongik University, turn right once you’re outside the University and keep walking.
operating hours :  9pm-630am
you can enter the club as long as you’re not wearing a suit or slippers ^^. yes, NO FORMAL SUITS AT NB!

2. Cocoon
the first club I’ve ever been to. quite a nice place. but really really really packed. it’s pretty average for me. it is a 4(?) storey club and the people there are rather young. like.. teenagers to early 20s. they dress like teenagers too. if you get what I mean? but it’s still alright. nothing too dodgy.
cover charge : free entrance before 12 (sun~thurs) and 10,000won inclusive of a drink after 12. 10,000won inclusive of a free drink (fri and sat) before 11 and 20,000won inclusive of a free drink after 11.
how to get there : walk along the Hongdae Street and you’ll come by Prince Edward Karaoke on your left and turn in that junction. Hongdae is very very hard to explain. just get out of exit 9 and start your adventure ^^. basically just walk into the street upon exit 9, walk straight until you see the main street of Hongdae (you will know it!) and turn right. keeeeeeeep walking straight and you’ll find the Hongik Main Road which leads to Hongik University on your left. but cross the road and continue walking along Hongdae and you’ll find Prince Edward Karaoke. confusing much? well, read again. haha.

3. other clubs in Hongdae
there are many new clubs around and I’ve never actually been into it. but most of them are either just 10,000won for entrance fees or free. smaller scale, filled with random people so you shall take your chance. there are a few others which are pretty famous but none of my friends have ever talked about it so I have no say. but recently there’s this club that has been advertising a lot on youtube. it’s called District. famous in Itaewon and they have a branch in Hongdae too. I’ve only been to Itaewon twice so I am not very familiar with clubs there. also because it’s filled with foreigners hence the more I wanna avoid from those places. but the clubs at Itaewon are really posh. have been OUTSIDE and have seen PICTURES! hehe.

NIGHT (Na-i-teu)
THE DODGIEST DODGIEST place ever. but some girls just love going to Nights. why? well, let me tell you a little story. a Night is a place where girls get PULLED over to the guy’s table by a waiter. you drink with those guys. things might happen. but if you do not like it, you may always leave. good for girls because everything’s free. you may see a lot of guys in these thick red/black/blue/yellow jackets on with a walkie talkie pulling girls on the streets of Hongdae to their Night. there are Nights everywhere. but the pulling thingy usually happens in Hongdae. there are too in Sinchon but rather than a Night they try to drag you in to their Suljib (alcohol house??? lol) or Noraebang (Karaoke). so if you want a night not to be forgotten, you may try. I have yet to try this. no guts. =S.

PS: remember that the clubs are not open everyday. normally only on Thurs, Fri, Sat. I couldn’t find their info on when’s their off day for some clubs so better be safe ^^. if not, you can go into their website and check for their number and give them a call. I am sure they can answer you if it’s open for the night =D.

PSS: BRING YOUR PASSPORTS!!!! some of them give you a discount just because you’re a foreigner. even if you look old, they’d still check for your ID’s. my friends were over 30 and they were still checking. either that or sometimes they do not want people too old to be in their clubs. yes, it’s sad but oh well.. if you’re not over 35 I guess you should still be safe?

PSSS: there’s a place for you to put your stuff. they usually charge 3,000won for 1 bag. you may share it with your friends ^^. so no worries if you go in your puffy jackets or big bags.

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11 years ago

Hi Jamie, have you experienced Club Day at HongDae?

11 years ago

I was wondering where you got your information and want to confirm your info about Gangnam NB. I’ve been there before but always after midnight. I was thinking of going there tonight with a friend and as we are both on a tight budget right now would love to get in for free. Would hate to get there and unexpectedly be asked to pay an entrance fee. Is your source reliable?~ Girls get in for free before 11 on mon? Thanks for all the info!! it’s thorough and very helpful!~

11 years ago

Yea i only just came across your blog, and i find the things you write about the clubs pretty accurate!!
I was still contemplating writing a journal for my 8day trip in korea which just ended today. 🙁
so that i could remember the places that were good, but now i guess i just have to bookmark all this 🙂

And for the record, i agree with you on Octagon being the best! Although, it costs way too much for guys 🙁 sadly so. it is not as worth it as it is for the ladies.

10 years ago

Hey Jamie,
Thanks for all the great tips, referred to your blog for my recent free & easy trip to Seoul.

Totally agree with you, Octagon is awesome & DJ Koo is really really good! I think it is a bit different now, I entered before 11 and I didn’t pay anything. And maybe the price of the drinks increased from the time you posted this but the minimum price for drinks is 10,000 won now.

Will definitely revisit Club Octagon if I ever go back to Seoul.