I am not sure if I should say that I am lazy to split the post into a few parts or I am too hardworking that I’ll blog one whole long post. but I consider myself lazy so here goes. I went to Cheongju to see my best friend, Peter, who came out from the army for holidays. his family lives in Cheongju and hence I had to take a bus down to Cheongju. it takes around 90minutes to arrive and costs 8,000won from Dong-Seoul station. I went to Cheongju twice in a week actually. but I will blog about my first part as I did not take too many pictures the 2nd time.

IMAG4600 copy

putting my size 5.5 (235) feet beside my size 13 friend’s shoe. MADNESS. I felt like a kid.

IMG_0158 copy

and we went to his cousin’s wedding! my first time going to a wedding. it’s pretty different from Malaysia as it is done in the afternoon. and the ceremony lasts less than 1 hour. then off you go to the huge buffet hall!

IMG_0159 copy

Peter with his older brother! both in the army. you can imagine how sad their mom is =S.

IMG_0163 copy

the stage was quite pretty but really, lasted too short! I think I prefer Malaysian weddings more but the ones here look nicer.

IMG_0172 copy

they’d have a wedding picture taken professionally after the ceremony. the photographers here are awesome. they’d make sure everyone looks fine and could be seen in the frame.

IMAG4601 copy

this is how the huge buffet hall look like! of course, it wasn’t the guests of just 1 couple. but several. there were many wedding halls. and seems like it was a good date so they were pushing on time. =S.

IMAG4602 copy

food they serve was not bad but I think I had too much of a mix that my stomach was pretty upset haha.

they knew I loved the Kim Tak Goo drama so they brought me there! and to my surprise, the filming set of Man of Honour 영광의 재인 is right NEXT to the filming set of The Baker King, Kim Tak Goo!

IMG_0175 copy

such a beautiful place. it was so.. surreal pfft. because I liked this drama too and it was totally unexpected so the happier I was!! but everything they sell inside were so expensive. since Cheongju’s not Seoul or Busan, they are supposed to be much cheaper but its price was something like a shop in Gangnam.

IMG_0176 copy

life sized printouts of the main characters of Man of Honour!!! is it me, or do I always prefer the 2nd character compared to the main lead of the drama?

IMG_0177 copy

dear readers who watches this drama too, DO YOU REMEMBER THIS PLACE!!! IT’S THEIR HOME!

IMG_0180 copy

the cafe which Joo Won (the 2nd lead of Kim Tak Goo!!!) went to on 2 days 1 night 1박2일! if I am not mistaken. hehe.

IMG_0181 copy

the view from the set!

IMG_0183 copy

and more! quite a pretty view I must say. although it is no city. but this place has a strong “korean feel” which I like teehee.

IMG_0184 copy

apparently another drama was filmed here. but don’t know so didn’t bother. teehee. so if you remember, please tell me? hehe. seems like many drama’s are shot here. =D. great view since it was above the hill. but it was SO BLOODY COLD. and, we had only 10 minutes so we shot everything in just 10 minutes!

IMG_0185 copy

the OTHER side of the Man of Honour’s building.

IMG_0187 copy

they even have a painting of them!

IMG_0189 copy

fan girl me.

IMG_0191 copy

me and my handsome Seo In Woo!!!!! <3 <3 *super fangirl*.

IMG_0192 copy

can you see the wind! pfft. it was like -15 with the wind BLOWING LIKE HELL.

IMG_0193 copy

there were so much more to see opposite it. the walls were all creatively painted and all but I had too little time so here, just 1 picture. =S.

IMG_0195 copy

and just down the street, IT’S PALBONG’S BAKERY SHOP!!! I know, I know, the drama has been out for 3 years but I am still very in love with this drama. still the best drama I’ve ever watched.

IMG_0198 copy

happy fangirl.

IMG_0199 copy

unlike the other set, this set’s food are muchhhhhhh cheaper hehe. though it’s not like super cheap pfft.

IMG_0200 copy

that road they used to walk along!!!! *fangirl fangirl!*

IMG_0201 copy

lets go in? shall we?

IMG_0202 copy

my favourite favourite favourite actor other than Daniel Henney! =3. Joo Won. <3. he’s the bad guy but not that bad afterall pfft. I loved how he debuted with such awesome acting skillsand the best is, HE’S HANDSOME AND TALL! =3.

IMG_0203 copy

but Peter’s brother is taller. pfft. maybe it wasn’t printed to live size teehee. =D. but his brother is really tall.


and the interior of the shop. very small but warm enough!

IMG_0206 copy

and they sell red bean breads here too! only at 1000won!  or was it even cheaper? hmm. but it was cheap! =D.

IMG_0207 copy

since 1947!!! not sure how true it is. hahaha. or just because of the drama.

IMG_0208 copy


IMG_0209 copy

the whole wall filled with pictures from the drama! awesomeness.

IMG_0210 copy

they had to make Majun taller! HA!

there are no directions better than to tell the taxi driver there to get you to Kim Tak Goo’s film set because it’s far up high at the hill. I have no idea on how can anybody get there by bus but…… oh well. just take a taxi hehehe. tell them to go to Sudong of Sangdang-gu. but telling them Kim Tak Goo should be good. if not, the road of the place is 수암로 54번길. =).

we later headed for ANOTHER hill. to drink makgeolli!!! I told Peter’s dad that I like makgeolli and he insisted on treating me makgeolli at a nice place. and yes, it was superb!

IMG_0223 copy

and it’s so pretty all around!

IMG_0224 copy

I seriously had no idea where I was. but it was the hill behind Cheongju University.

IMG_0225 copy

the lake on the right was frozen and filled with snow!

IMG_0227 copy

that restaurant/makgeolli place served these soybean starter for free. it was really my first time eating something like that. reminded me so much of Taufoofar. it was so good. and in a weird way, it tasted really good with the sauce they provided which was salty and a little spicy @@!

IMG_0229 copy

cheongju’s cider tasted like rose syrup. no joke.

IMG_0231 copy

this is muk. or acorn jelly. love it with salad. mmmm.

IMG_0232 copy


IMG_0233 copy

my soldier friend!

IMG_0235 copy

they serve home made makgeolli (ricewine, if you’re wondering what that is.) by a kettle! and that bowl is so huge I think it fits almost a whole bottle of makgeolli in Seoul pfft.

IMG_0236 copy

it was THIS HUGE! I could only drink 2 bowls. D=. super a lot okay?

IMG_0238 copy

coming here was sooooo awesome. not only was the price in Cheongju much more reasonable, the food here tasted awesome. their Makgeolli’s not as strong and much easier to drink. not like the ones in Seoul ( my favourite Jangsu, made by Roy Kim’s family! ) tasted bad, but they are just, stronger. I like both. period.

IMAG4612 copy

look at the kettles!!!

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11 years ago

Hi! Just randomly came across your blog and I’ve actually been backreading it hehe. So you go to Yonsei KLI eh? I’ve always wanted to study there too. I want to ask, did you go there with a student or tourist visa?

11 years ago

But I’ve read in the KLI website that you can come with a tourist visa only if you’re only going to study for one term. Then if you decide to study for another term, you’ll have to get a student visa. Anyways, was it easy to get a student visa? You need a korean sponsor right? Getting the student visa is what I’m most worried about… :/

11 years ago

Like how much money? Where I’m from, I need a korean sponsor so I can apply for a D4 visa. And I’m gonna be supporting myself so I need to know how much money I need to attend KLI (I want finish at least 6 terms) and I seriously don’t have any idea how much lol… Btw, can you get a job whilst on student visa?

11 years ago

I didn’t actually watch Kim Tak Goo but I know the actors. I am now watching Flower Boy Next Door where Yoon Shi Yoon is one of the main actor and I was actually surprised at how ahem…small he was. I really didn’t expect it since he looked tall in Baker King. I guess that’s what man heels can do.