these pictures are from the 2nd last day of school. where we were already feeling blue. we left school and headed for a really nice Chinese restaurant (and bloody ex T_____T) for our class gathering. but before that we took the long road to the restaurant and hence passed by the beautiful park from the language school to the main gate.

IMG_9413 copy

it was my first time seeing snow. and to be honest I was very amazed by how beautiful it is. gobsmacked that it wasn’t as cold as usual too.

IMG_9417 copy

and my best friend in class, Megumi!

IMG_9418 copy

it seemed so surreal I didn’t want to leave. it was such a beautiful day. great sunlight. perfect for pictures. but we were rushing to the restaurant. and as you can see, I am far behind my friends hahaha.

IMG_9421 copy

and even further. they had a fit haha. don’t know why I look so short T___________T. hate pictures taken from above somehow. they are supposed to make me look slim. not short. T__________T.

IMG_9428 copy

pigtails day!

IMG_9432 copy


IMG_9441 copy

after walking though the park, this is what you will see. =3. even more beautiful in real life. seriously, the beauty of winter could not be easily expressed.

IMG_9443 copy

the building behind the famous Hogwarts building, which to me, is even more beautiful.

IMG_9447 copy

the sandy part all covered in snow!

IMG_9451 copy

friends were having fun. talking and laughing. ahhhhhh.

IMG_9455 copy

the famous beautiful Hogwarts looking building.

IMG_9458 copy

what resembles Yonsei University.

IMG_9457 copy

and we have a Christmas tree!

IMG_9459 copy

love how pretty they are T____T. must have a pic with it! despite falling behind haha.

IMG_9463 copy

and across the street.

IMG_9465 copy

snow piling up on bushes.

IMG_9469 copy

don’t know how these bushes survive through winter, really.

IMG_9470 copy

the crossroad every Yonseian will walk through.

IMG_9491 copy

our “sagwa” team’s pose! hahaha. reminds me of my own birthday last year where we had this pose as well D=. love my class teacher. she’s like the funniest person I’ve ever met. she’s REALLY REALLY REALLY FUNNY. it’s a waste that she’s not a comedian. there were times where she would tell us about her family, and at times where she will try to hide her embarrassment in class but it is all so cute. and each and every one of us loves her. =3. we even made a cake for her! (sort of). but this is all for now. will tell you more =).

친구들이랑 이별해야돼서 무척 아쉽지만 이동안 같이 지냈던 추억들을 잘 기억하구 나중에 꼭 연락할게요. 언제 또 만날 수 있는지 잘 모르겠지만.. 힝힝힝..

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11 years ago

Hi Jamie, I’m reaching Seoul this weekend omg! Want to ask you, is it okay to visit Ehwa in the evening or even at night during weekends? And also, what restaurant would you recommend there which has English menu, totally cannot read Korean language! I’m also planning to go Apgujeong at night, what are the must-visits in that area? Hope you could help, thanks! :))

11 years ago

I think snow is probably only awesome for about half an hour, after that it’s such a drag….

Da Feng
Da Feng
11 years ago

Snow looks not thick too much there. It’s nice if snow fall down from leaves above you.

11 years ago

jamie! so you are coming back to msia? btw where did you get your winter jacket from? do they sell the jackets in sizes in seoul? thanks!

11 years ago

Hi, I like to read your blog. I am traveling to seoul next week. I would like to check if I am able to access free wifi in korea as they say that only the koreans are able to access the free wifi due to the telecom network.