because my parents weren’t too into waxed figures when we were in HK so she told me “you will definitely come back here with your friends and you can visit it then”. but instead of HK, I came to the one in Busan. there’s one in Jeju too I think.

IMG_4767 copy

it just opened not too long ago when I went so I went in with a discounted price!

IMG_4771 copy

original price for the Busan Aquarium (at Haeundae Beach) was 19,000won. super bloody expensive but they had a promo which for 19,900won you can enter both Busan Aquarium AND Madame Tussauds (in Shinsegae). so, WHY NOT? just 900won extra. 2 places. not that bad.

IMG_4770 copy

actually this wax figure of Jim Carey outside the Busan Aquarium made me want to get there. I will blog about the Aquarium next time, but for now, let’s head to Shinsegae.

IMG_4813 copy

Shinsegae which literally means New Generation, is the WORLD LARGEST DEPARTMENTAL STORE. well, it’s also a place filled with top notch branded shops. even the food courts there are more expensive than casual restaurants downtown. T_T. and heck it is Busan. everything is supposed to be a little cheaper than Seoul =(.

IMG_4811 copy

very romish. must take a picture with it.

I am not sure if it’s me who’s fat and short with a huge face or are the figures made too perfect. it makes me feel ugly. but they are supposed to be exactly like the person so….. *cries in a corner*

IMG_4818 copy

upon entrance there’s the Thai Prince, Nichkhun or 2PM! he’s so tall. of course, I weren’t wearing heels but it feels like he’s 185cm.

IMG_4861 copy

and the world famous Jackie Chan. people say we look alike >=(.

IMG_4820 copy

Obama has the tiniest face!

IMG_4821 copy

with Koreas current president. although the election is almost over and there will be a new president REAL SOON.

IMG_4822 copy

not so captain Jack Sparrowish.

IMG_4825 copy

forgot his name but yes hot old man. <3.

IMG_4827 copy

how can Angelina Jolie be that tall and have a face that small. of course, she wore heels but she’s still crazily tall!

IMG_4829 copy

Madonna. my mom’s favourite singer D=.

IMG_4830 copy

I thought she was Christina Aguilera at first glance.

IMG_4836 copy

thanks to Madame Tussauds, I got to meet the legend and have a picture with him.

IMG_4841 copy

and another legend. (OKAY LAH I KNOW DAMN SILLY LOOKING T_T).

IMG_4843 copy

I am guessing there’s one Bruce Lee figure in every madame Tussauds.

IMG_4846 copy

Audrey Hepburn! I haz a crown too.

IMG_4848 copy

Leo couldn’t help but to camwhore with the prettiest girl here.

IMG_4849 copy

but they didn’t make her too real =S. her arms are so waxy.

IMG_4852 copy

absolutely fake looking but just for the fun of it!

IMG_4856 copy

and my favourite picture of the day. not that I am a fan of David Beckham, but it’s nice if I could turn back and see a hot guy behind me exercising. =D. no?

it costs only 10,000won for a normal entry pass so I guess it’s considered cheap as the others are over RM100 as I’ve remembered. but the one in HK has much more I can confirm as I have uploaded almost all of the figures above. maybe 2 left. so that’s really all. =S. very tiny. doesn’t have Yaoming nor Tiger Woods. PFFT.

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11 years ago

I think the hot old man is George Clooney…and no Bae Yong Joon? They had one in HK.

11 years ago

Hi, what do you plan on doing after u graduate from KLI?
I am nearly done with my level 5 and I am stuck with which uni to go to..
Yonsei was my ideal choice but its gonna be difficult to enter…

11 years ago

Some shots of yourself reminds me of park shin hye! Very pretty 🙂