being the touristy me again I decided to visit this scary tourist spot. built by the Japanese to imprison Koreans who were involved politically to protest the Japanese like 60 years ago.

IMG_3766 copy

just get off at Seodaemun Station and you will eventually find your way to the Prison with the help of Korea’s convenient signs. (in english too!)

IMG_3768 copy

the evolution of the Korean flag! it’s called the Taekukgi.

IMG_3774 copy

and voila we are here! it looks pretty cool if you ask me. love the bricks. very very historical.

IMG_3776 copy

they said people in the past are shorter. but the younger generation are……. super it a guy or a girl. there are REAL tall girls here. I feel so short here. =/.

IMG_3779 copy

if I’m not mistaken the entry fee’s 1,000won. if not then 1,500won haha.

IMG_3782 copy

the prison used to be much bigger than this but they bulldozed a huge part of it. this is like one third. the main buildings.

IMG_3784 copy

actually it is really like how it’s rumoured, very… “chilly” inside.

IMG_3785 copy

I am quite afraid of taking pictures inside there are like sound effects and how the Japs torture the Koreans. the more I see, the more goosebumps I get =S.

IMG_3786 copy

a door in a door.

IMG_3789 copy

and the place where they keep guard of the prisoners.

IMG_3790 copy

the cells are rather small. some prisoners communicate to each other by knocking on the wall. it’s really really cool. D=. tapping language haha.

IMG_3793 copy

let me introduce you to my beautiful best friend here, Margaretti! she’s Brazilian Korean =D.

IMG_3797 copy

the size of one cell. that thing in the middle is something like an emergency bell. don’t exactly know how it work.

IMG_3802 copy

it takes around an hour to finish the whole thing. there’s a place for execution. where it is strictly prohibited to take pictures there. well people say that it’s spooky. it feels spooky there too. U_U. very very scary building. didn’t take pictures of that building but it looks like an old wooden haunted house.

IMG_3808 copy

and the two popular buildings that always appear on guidebooks.

IMG_3814 copy

this is where they do their exercise. don’t get why is it divided like that but oh well. it is shaped like a fan if you see it from the map =D.

IMG_3824 copy

well Margaretti was right. the place is pretty damn scary. the type of scariness is not even suitable for a date (there were some Koreans dating there. what a spooky date =S. me and Margaretti was holding on to each other U_U). but absolutely historical. learn a lot about their past when Japan invaded Korea =S.

IMG_3832 copy

if you come to Seodaemun, (even Sinchon is a part of Seodaemun) you can see the logo of the district. and that logo is based on that monument!

IMG_3834 copy

being sampat =P.

IMG_3837 copy

shall call it the Seodaemun Monument from now on.

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11 years ago

ur hair reminds me of my hair~

Michelle Chin
11 years ago

planning to chop your hair soon? 😀