woke up at 6 in the morning, got out on 730 and reached Dong Seoul Bus Terminal (Gangbyeon Subway Station) at 8 something. but took off later at 9am and reached there at 10 something~. there’s another way to get there by subway directly to Gapyeong and take either a bus or a taxi from there. taking the bus is errrrrr. a little bit more expensive but more comfortable seats =D. at Gangbyeon Station, you still have to take a cab or another bus to Nami Island. it’s okay to walk as well actually. =D. it’s just that as first timers you might not know the way so…. taking the taxi would cost about 3,000-4,000won. depending on the traffic actually.

IMG_7701 copy

on the Namimaid ferry. basically the only way you can get to Nami Island other than literally “flying” there via flying fox. which costs a bomb.

if you look Korean, or speak Korean make sure you bring your passport (or Alien Registration card) because foreigners get a 2,000won off! original price at 10,000won.

IMG_7711 copy

the Namimaid with the beautiful Autumn trees behind. and the other half bald. D=.

IMG_7714 copy

I came here a week late actually. like 50% of the trees are bald when I got there. but they differ according to the type of tree. so some trees might still be greenish if I was here last week. it’s hard to find a place with a row of trees which are all yellow/red.

IMG_7728 copy1 copy

red and yellow leaves. ahhh.

IMG_7748 copy

so here’s a treat for you girls. my ridiculously photogenic friend who’s only 19. I am jealous of all younger people.

IMG_7761 copy


IMG_7768 copy

well I had a bet with Yie Chern (that photogenic friend of mine) that there will still be a lot on the trees and if they are all on the floor I will just take pictures with the floor.

IMG_7779 copy

ridiculously photogenic friend is ridiculously tall.

IMG_7798 copy

bugs alive!

IMG_7810 copy

the most famous two row of trees!

IMG_7816 copy

rather than taking pictures right in the middle, taking from the side looks good too!

IMG_7824 copy

my turn!

IMG_7825 copy

there was a girl who went in front of the little boy, pointed at his “thing” and screamed “OMMA!! GOCHUUUUUUU!!!” it literally means “mom!! chilli!!” you get the picture right? heheheheheh.

IMG_7870 copy

each time I come here I forget to bring food and picnic-ky stuff here. sigh. look super fun no?

IMG_7893 copy

probably the most good looking Malaysian student here. either that or I have awesome skills in making people look good in pictures.

IMG_7900 copy

one of the best not-so-natural views in Nami Island. here, or

IMG_7903 copy

here. love that soju bottle bridge! =3.

IMG_7910 copy

awesome Autumn tree is awesome.

IMG_7924 copy

oh right, you can find hearts everywhere. literally EVERYWHERE. it’s the island for lovers. no kidding. so never ever come here alone.

IMG_7929 copy

this place was FABULOUSLY perfect a week ago. just imagine the leaves on the floor on the trees. =P.

IMG_7976 copy

envy anybody who can jump. because, I can’t. took a personal “lesson” from SmashpOp but he said it couldn’t be helped. =S.

IMG_7960 copy

yeah so no choice but to take pictures with the leaves on the floor U_U.

IMG_7946 copy

oh right, there are a lot of bikes for rent. those for you to stand on, and even bikes with a track on the sky. when you go there you’d know.

IMG_8010 copy

JOON SANG IS MINEEEEEEEEEEEE =3. not like I like him actually =S.

IMG_8042 copy

I am 169cm and was wearing heels but I still feel short. U_U.

IMG_8074 copy

a friend once told me to not smile with teeth because I have ugly teeth U_U.

IMG_8095 copy

awesumhhh background U_U.

IMG_8118 copy

this place was so pretty I didn’t want to leave. it was near the hotel area.

IMG_8149 copy

the best souvenirs. freeeeeee souvenirs, leaves. ehehe. just bring a book and randomly slip them in the middle! =D.

IMG_8151 copy


IMG_8157 copy

soooooooooo much. I collected like 30 of them when I was here on a holiday last time haha.

IMG_8170 copy

camwhore with the leaves on floor phail.

IMG_8172 copy

BEAUUUUUUUUUUUTIFULLLLLLLLL PLACEEEEEEEEEE! absolutely like a dream. hurrrr. it’s nothing similar in Seoul. must go to the Shigols (country). it’s no doubt that Autumn is the most beautiful season to visit Korea.

IMG_8190 copy

there was some festival there. with concerts.

IMG_8194 copy

and traditional games for public to play (for freeeeee!)

IMG_8196 copy

and a place for you to cook your potatoes =3.

IMG_8200 copy

eating the famous Chuncheon Dalggalbi in Chuncheon itself! =D.

IMG_8203 copy

love ’em kimchi pots!

IMG_8204 copy

the title of this art is 의 모든 것 which translates to everything I have. don’t know why but I laughed seeing this =X.

IMG_8208 copy

ate the yummy dosirak (traditional lunch box) again! for directions, look for my Summer Nami Island post.

IMG_8216 copy

no doubt, the land of scribbling. haha.

IMG_8253 copy

there’s two tall towers there. one for bungee jumping, another for flying fox.

IMG_8266 copy1

okay bye!

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Choi Yen
11 years ago

Those red & yellow leaves definitely make up the romantic ambiance!

11 years ago

So pretty!!! Even during winter time, Nami Island is pretty!!! Seen it at Winter Sonata drama 🙂

11 years ago

Really love your entry! Just a question. Did you go to Nami on the 14th? Because I was thinking of dropping by on the 6th or 7th of November this year and I’m hoping to see the trees with leaves and not bald.

suzanna faith
suzanna faith
10 years ago

hi. i am gg this year in autumn, end oct.

may i know how do i get there? and how long does it take for me to go there from Seoul, to Nami Island, and back to Seoul again?

How to go there?

do u recommend half a day or??? just like 3 hrs trip?

thanks and hope to hear ur advise soon 🙂

10 years ago

Hi Jamie. I am planning to visit Nami 5th Nov to 9 th Nov 2013. Do you think the fall foliage is still as beautiful as your photographes. Thx

10 years ago

Hi Jamie,

I am planning to visit Nami island on 24th or 25th Oct 2013. Would i be able to see the autumn foliage that time? Thanks.

10 years ago

So u went there on November 2012? Does the peak autumn in 2013 also in early nov? Or later on mid nov? Cause I planning to go to nami around mid nov this year.. Idk whether the foliage comes later per year or vice versa? Thanks Jamie 😀

10 years ago

But it’s mid test time 🙁 I think that the end of oct then? Thanks anyway :))

9 years ago

Hi Jamie

isnt possible to request the itinerary of your korea trip ?? cuz i m planning of backpack during autumn time .. might afraid to miss the maple leaves season too ..

tqtq ^^

9 years ago

thanks for ur information, one more question, is there any hotel to stay there and how much it cost it? i really want to spent one night there.

9 years ago

hi, im from indonesia…i really like your blog 🙂 very inspiring

8 years ago

hey jamie, im going nami on the early of sept. will i see any maple leaves? 🙁

8 years ago

Hi Jamie,

I will be visiting nami island on 19th Oct.
What colour of fall will be on that period?
Or will it be beautiful that period?


Siti Yang Menaip
8 years ago

hai.. greetings from Malaysia =)

nice to finally found ur entries.. i like them so much.. gonna get some tips from ur entries..

7 years ago

We are scheduled to travel in Seoul on Nov 2,2016. Do you think the leaves are all golden brown or all
Of them have fallen?