Kongbul is one of the cheapest food around which tastes absolutely awesome. if you like spicy food that is. because bul means fire. which means it’s going to be realllllll spicy. and kong means beans but for this shop it actually means bean sprout. hate bean sprouts? well, that isn’t an excuse because I used to hate it too. until I tried the goodness of Kongbul.

IMG_6667 copy

it’s actually a chain store so it’s not weird to run into one anywhere. so far I know that there’s one in Sinchon, Edae, Hongdae (picture) and Myeongdong. I’ve seen it before at many other places but couldn’t recall. and even in Busan and Anyang! this shop is everywhere I tell you. every tourist friendly shopping area I guess. and they all look the same. same design.

IMG_6339 copy

starts from 5,500won per person, this is one of the most reasonable eats around. and what’s more? it’s delicious pork bulgogi with a lot of bean sprouts!

IMG_6346 copy

we added Udon sari to ours. absolutely nyam. it comes with rice as well but the stupid Hongdae shop gave us like only 70% of what they normally give (which isn’t a lot as well) so we had to add more rice pffffffffft. byebye our money. and they gave very little soup as well. if you go to the Sinchon one they give an appropriate amount of rice, a lot of soup and eat as much as you want gim (not available in Hongdae’s branch) but the one in Hongdae opens until 12pm so =D.

IMG_6340 copy

forget the other two, whack the seaweed. mm.

IMG_6350 copy


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Sophia Fay
11 years ago

the food look so delishhh… seriously looking at your korean post makes me wanna go korea NOW! T.T
you and your friend look prettyyy laaa 😀

Michelle Chin
11 years ago


11 years ago

gahhh… I love the last picture of you two. So look alike and pwetty <3.

Choi Yen
11 years ago

They didn’t trim the bean sprouts? =.=”

11 years ago

Only if I read this a month earlier when I was in Korea, I would definitely try it….guess have to wait for my next trip ^ ^

11 years ago

Hi, do you know which brand of korean phrasebook is useful for those who planning to travel to korea? I need some suggestion for it, there’s too many brands and am not sure which one I should buy…hope can get some suggestion from you!:) anyways nice blog!^^

11 years ago

holy.. thats sotong rite at d spicy soup mix. wat do u call that? damn a lot