if you ask me which is a place you should not miss in Busan, I would 100% recommend Taejongdae (unless it rains for your whole trip then sucks to be you. =P.)

IMG_4484 copy

to come here, you must.. take the bus. it isn’t that hard. you can take a bus straight from Busan Station. I forgot the number of the bus but it is written at the Bus Station just remember to have your T-Money filled before you get to Busan (because T-Money is usable there, just a little harder to find place to recharge it.) Busan have their own railway so they have their own T-Money alike thingy there too. if you buy that on the spot there then yes you may recharge your pass whenever you want.

IMG_4486 copy

awkward smile with 2 dozen of tourists looking at me while the tour guide was explaining something about the stone (completely ignored them!)

IMG_4487 copy

there is 2 options, one, you hike. another, you take the tram.

IMG_4490 copy

but for 1,5000won, TAKE THE TRAM! it stops like 4 times so you can get off every stop but I would recommend you to only get off the stop where…. everyone gets off at because that’s the place most worth seeing. others….. well, if you have a lot of time you may go to the others too.

IMG_4493 copy

weird smile of mine =S. got off at the stop where we are supposed to see Japan if the weather is clear.

IMG_4499 copy

can you see JAPAN?! those blurry shadows at the end of the horizon.

IMG_4500 copy

I don’t know if you can see it but it was noticeable to the naked eye. I am just a real lousy photographer. the weather was pretty foggy as well though.

IMG_4502 copy

army ajosshi with his gun like lens. jaw literally dropped when I saw his lens.

IMG_4504 copy

Choi Ji Woo’s Love Story in Busan’s photo exhibition. she’s so beautifully aged. and the photographer is amazing.

IMG_4508 copy

super cute. used to watch her on TV when I was 10. that’s when Winter Sonata played on NTV7. although I did not follow up but I think she grew much more beautiful now.

IMG_4514 copy

that’s… not Japan.

IMG_4517 copy

and from there, it’s just walking distance to the main attraction.

IMG_4518 copy


IMG_4528 copy

the famous Taejongdae trademark!!!

IMG_4532 copy

don’t know why it is built this way but it is pretty damn impressive.

IMG_4539 copy

my journey down the cliff. it was pretty scary. especially when I wasn’t wearing sport shoes.

IMG_4552 copy

halfway to the beautiful cliff!

IMG_4559 copy


IMG_4601 copy

at the cliff. isn’t it beautiful?

IMG_4606 copy


IMG_4617 copy

and the REAL CLIFF. this Leo is really crazy. he literally sat BY the cliff. one wrong foot and he’ll be swimming in the sea pfft.

IMG_4619 copy

I was very scared but I loved the picture I took for him so he lured me to go sit there together with him. mad Leo is mad.

IMG_4625 copy

a picture I risked my life for! T_T.

IMG_4616 copy

more spam.

IMG_4626 copy

look so short haha. but look at the stones!! it wasn’t too easy walking here. NEVER wear heels or anything other than sport shoes or comfortable and durable slippers here. you don’t wanna slip here. there are sharp edges everywhere!

IMG_4634 copy

flash. haha. because my face came out rather dark in most pictures. had to use flash!

IMG_4654 copy

the layers that I fell in love with. hence the reason why you should visit Taejongdae. it’s for its absolute natural beauty.

IMG_4661 copy

well the man made red-blue thing with needle look pretty attractive as well.

IMG_4662 copy

just to warn you, walking down to the cliff is pretty tough. a lot of steps and it was pretty steep as I’ve remembered. best to not bring young kids or elderly here. unless you want to spend hours just carrying them on the steps.

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11 years ago

haha! funny d part abt d tourists

11 years ago

i love your backpack. i love your face. i think i can die happy to take a picture with you, and to take a picture for you!

11 years ago

Good shot at the cliff! 🙂

10 years ago

So besides the view, what else can you do here? Are there any good restaurants? How long is this visit here worth? A few hours?

yvonne fong
yvonne fong
9 years ago

Hi,may i know where you take bus taejongdae?(i mean which bus station)