when you ask anybody who had been to Busan (and they will say they loved it) about where to go, the first few places they will recommend are Haeundae or Gwangalli (which I love tooooo.) but they always neglect the smaller, least popular beach. but of course, because it is least popular, that’s why you should come here. and it is Songdo.

Songdo’s Beach is listed as one of the tourist spots but because you can only reach this place by a bus or taxi, many foreigners chose to avoid the trouble and just go to the huge popular beaches.

IMG_4994 copy

my first glimpse of Songdo. it was a very sunny day. got much tanner because it was so awesome here I was under the sun for an hour without sunblock. and there are whales and other sculptures put right in the middle of the sea which makes it cooler!

IMG_4998 copy

burying my legs in the cooling sand under the shade. feels sooooooooo good.

IMG_5001 copy

but the thing about Korean beaches where I am pretty afraid of are JELLYFISH! they are EVERYWHERE. so many of them. problem is we don’t know which stings and which don’t, and also if dead jellyfishes still sting. and these jellyfishes are seen like at every 20meters. it’s mad.

IMG_5008 copy

another thing to note about this beach is the cleanliness. Haeundae and Gwangalli are not only filled with litters, their seawater are a litttttttle bit more dirty.

IMG_5014 copy

the line on the shore filled with seashells from the tides of the sea.

IMG_5015 copy

water so clean! and meet Leo =D. we’re of the same age but I do not know why I look so much older T___T.

IMG_5023 copy

LOOK HOW CLEAN THE WATER IS!! used to think those foams are pretty disgusting but because it’s so clean I don’t feel it is anymore.

IMG_5035 copy

Leo! both of us got a few shades tanner haha.

IMG_5038 copy

from the OTHER side of the beach. Songdo’s blue sea and blue sky ahhhhhhhhh <3.

IMG_5041 copy

I normally hate the sun. but I loved it there.

IMG_5052 copy


IMG_5062 copy

look at the size of my feet pfft. only a size 5.5 but why like so big one. pfffft. a size 5.5-6 is a size 240 here. gosh their measurements T_T.

IMG_5068 copy

okay a more decent picture.

IMG_5069 copy

problem when I forgot to zoom out.

IMG_5084 copy

like because I look slim here. this is not how it is. haha.

IMG_5091 copy1


IMG_5095 copy

I’m absolutely flat chested. pfft.

IMG_5102 copy

local Malaysian pose HAHAHA.

IMG_5112 copy1

the water was so clear you can see every sand’s movement in it. looked a little like glitter =3.

IMG_5120 copy

even this deep I can still see my feet. feels like Phi Phi Island at Phuket except it isn’t turquoise, the sea.

IMG_5123 copy1


IMG_5128 copy


IMG_5146 copy

my hair is now 6 inch shorter T_T. gosh why did I even cut it.

IMG_5149 copy

Songdo has a lot of eateries around as well. heard the cheapest and freshest Hwi 회 (sashimi) are sold here. my Korean friend told me.

IMG_5156 copy

but really, visit Songdo if you have the chance. there are much more to explore. but because it was our 3rd day and we were exhausted we didn’t go to the hiking places and all.

IMG_5166 copy

there was a sand castle competition for the kids! gosh I hope Malaysia had this. I would love to join. despite getting tan.

IMG_5170 copy

the sample they made. that’s the little prince. haha. but so pretty!!!!!!!!!! absolutely perfect.

IMG_5171 copy

because it was burning hot, we saw a shop right in front of the beach that sells Patbingsu (other drinks and pojangmacha food as well at an incredibly reasonable price). 3,000won.

IMG_5172 copy

loved the shop, loved the patbingsu (so much better than expected!). there were a lot of old school picture of the boss and her husband’s picture stuck on the wall. seems like the shop have been there for a really long time. their furniture was pretty old school as well. which made it even more interesting and comfortable to be in.

IMG_5175 copy

we then got out to the hot sun again and explore the left side of the beach. there were a lot of people fishing on those huge-ass stones (it’s illegal to go there I think. incredulously dangerous imo).

IMG_5177 copy

but I would’ve climbed there if I were wearing shoes more comfortable for climbing. I don’t wanna fall into the sea. =S.

IMG_5178 copy

light tower! I think.

IMG_5182 copy

the cool Leo striking his cool pose.

IMG_5192 copy

and me striking my not so cool pose.

IMG_5194 copy

at another angle.

IMG_5196 copy

and another. loved it there so much except I kept smelling ammonia there but Leo said there wasn’t =S.

IMG_5201 copy

the sea and the mountains, what can be more beautiful?

IMG_5207 copy

random picture I took when waiting for the bus. and it is somehow my favourite picture in this post.

IMG_5208 copy

one more! which’s better? couldn’t choose so posted two. haha. (that’s what I do when shopping if I can. buy 2 if couldn’t choose. my sis was worst. she bought 3 of the same shirt but different colour just because she can’t choose. horrible. luckily she started working and isn’t doing that anymore hahahaha.)

IMG_5209 copy

the symbol says it all! don’t drink and drive yo. hence, call for a “driver”! where they come and drive YOUR car. hiring a driver for a day (or just an hour). you City Hunter drama watchers should know what this is. it EXISTS!

IMG_5214 copy

oldtown Busan. I love how it is. taken in the bus. okay until next time! I hope you guys who are visiting Busan would drop by Songdo because I loved it. really.

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11 years ago

nice place to visit…. also, love ur hair….~

11 years ago

Your dress is beautiful! The beach sure looks nice! But I think I will get sunburn badly…My skin colour sure looks super tan in my case. XD

11 years ago

aww~ you have beautiful skin~

9 years ago

Hi. I am staying at a hostel near Songdo beach. Is it really hard to get here? and if bus is out of the question, is coming here by taxi would cost a lot? Really need your help in this. tq 🙂