there’s this pretty damn awesome Sundubu Jjigae restaurant in Sinchon (if you come out from the Subway station in front of U-Plex then you should take a U-turn upon exit and you will see a road on the right where you have to cross a huger road to get there. it’s the first few shops on the leftside of the road.) shall blog about this shop next time. but the point of this post is just to let you know about what to do when you see something weird in Korea and have no idea how to ask what are those for.

IMG_2666 copy

lunch on a hot summer day (was hot!)

IMG_2669 copy

Naengmyeon. they are very filling stuff. I couldn’t finish it even. I consider myself to have an appetite of a huge muscular man pfft.

IMG_2668 copy

okay so this is the main character of my post. yes, a stone pot filled with rice. what’s so special?

well, you let it sit for a while and then you scoop out the rice to eat it with your sundubu. you should let it sit for a bit if not the rice wouldn’t stick to the pot as much. and that’s what you should let it do.

IMG_2670 copy

they will definitely serve you a hot pot of water. pour that in! then cover it with the cover they provide and let it sit until you finish your meal. then your nurungjitang is good to eat! =3. it’s supposed to be burnt rice in water. my friend, Kit does not like it very much but I find it very delicious =D! it gets more addictive as you eat it. in fact, nurungji’s are so famous that there are several snacks and instant food made of it.

so if you were to eat in Korea and they serve you rice in a pot don’t be silly and eat it IN the pot. you’d miss out all the greatness!

it’s literally burnt rice in water but heck it’s delicious!

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11 years ago

Slup~ food again~ <3

11 years ago

Looks yummy! Bring me around if I visit Korea, dearie! 🙂 Hope all is well

11 years ago

eh, you can become a legit food blogger!!

11 years ago

aahhh…. sundubu jjigae my favorite. i see that’s how u eat it eh. i had this in dubu dubu @ midvalley the same exact thing but they dun give the a pot hot water with it :P. i finished the whole bowl of soup but could not finished the rice too much.