get off at Jamsil Station and you’ll be there =D.

IMG_3443 copy

so rome-mantic!

IMG_3445 copy

socks vending machine *jaws drop*.

IMG_3450 copy

the entry fee’s ain’t cheap. to be honest, even more expensive than Everland. but because we are long term residents here so we have a lot of discount cards and stuff. but as of that day, we went in for only 10,000won!! =3. it’s normally 40,000won, that’s like 120ringgit D=. after 4 it’s 9,000won cheaper haha.

IMG_3451 copy

you need to hold your pass whenever. because they do not give you a wristband PFFT. quite stupid if you ask me. some people bought tags to put these in so they can wear them on their neck and save the trouble of flashing it everytime you ride a ride.

IMG_3454 copy

the entrance!

IMG_3457 copy

there was a “K-Pop” performance on the Garden Stage upon entry but performed by Caucasians hahahaha.

IMG_3459 copy

the famous ice rink!!! where a part of Fullhouse was filmed =3. I watched fullhouse like 5 times when I was a kid so this skating rink mean a lot to me pfft. very romantic spot hahaha. except I can’t skate T_T.

IMG_3460 copy

apparently the sphere will open up on some special days and it’s one of the biggest attraction where some hot air balloon comes out.

IMG_3461 copy

sorry Jia Yii don’t keel me =P.

IMG_3466 copy

TADAH! very Disney to me except a little smaller haha. but still as pretty anyway!

IMG_3468 copy

Lotte Castle!

IMG_3471 copy

Koreans and their couple dressings. they are all over. not only in Lotte. trust me. some goes to the extreme until every single detail must be the same. normally around the Sinchon area couple shoes and t-shirts are very popular but some….. even the pants, bags must be the same. =S. look damn weird. either the guy look gay or the girl look tomboy haha. there was one couple where they wore same girly slippers. I couldn’t stop laughing.

IMG_3472 copy


IMG_3474 copy

Gyro Swing. look damn scary, but it’s actually pretty alright =D. but yeah, a LITTTTTLEEEEEE scary. =3.

IMG_3479 copy

I went on a Saturday but surprisingly the queues weren’t as long as I expected. but still had to wait for like 30mins-an hour for the popular ones. so.. during the free time.. I take pictures.. of myself.

IMG_3480 copy

decent picture of Jia Yii. =D. we’re the same age but why do I look so much older!

IMG_3485 copy

I actually sat on this D=. it’s like the Salero Shot in Genting, Malaysia. which I have never actually been on but heard from my sister that going up is much scarier than dropping. I MUST AGREE.

IMG_3487 copy

this is fun but I wasn’t too interested =P. I prefer the scarier stuff hehe.

IMG_3490 copy

this look scary from the picture but I guarantee you that it is nothing. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! =P.

IMG_3492 copy

Koreans are number 1 for vandalism. they should be awarded for it. this light was probably so high up that only a 200cm guy can touch it. and yet it’s still filled with “nakseo” which means scribble.

IMG_3494 copy

Comet Express is a MUST RIDE! no matter how long you gotta wait for it. haha. because it’s worth it. I waited for about 40minutes. it was really good. dark and pretty fast. because it’s dark it’s fun. you don’t know when it’ll hit a sharp corner and it’ll just take you by surprise.

IMG_3496 copy

and queuing for another ride. the most famous ride. queued for about an hour. my friend came here last time and waited for almost 3 hours lol.

IMG_3505 copy

and it’s the Atlantis Adventure! but there’s a story behind it. where I didn’t know before riding it until I told my Korean friend about how awesome this ride was. and she told me about it. =S. now if I go back I would really think twice. or hold on the bar tight. real tight.

IMG_3506 copy

apparently there was already 3 cases of people slipping off their seat during their ride and 2 died. this was REALLY FAST. no joke. once it starts. it’s like fast all the way without pausing. but it was really really really good. I would place this as the 2nd scariest other than T-express in Everland. this is fast and steep but their steep falls aren’t too high up so.. =D.

but ride it for it’s speed. they used to have no personal belt but now they do! =D.

IMG_3510 copy

anyways towards the indoor. was afraid it might rain so we went for the outdoor rides first which got me tan tan tan T_T.

IMG_3515 copy

only when we are inside I discovered the MAGIC PASS! seriously, go get this for Atlantis because that ride requires the longest wait. just scan your ticket and get the magic pass where they will provide you with a time usually within 2 hours. but for the 2 hours you cannot apply for another magic pass.

IMG_3516 copy

Cinderella! what are you doing in Lotte! go back to Disney! =P. oh wait. this isn’t Cinderella. D=.

IMG_3517 copy

absolutely love how pretty it is. =3.

IMG_3529 copy

ride which was closed T_T. but shouldn’t be too nice since it wasn’t among the famous few where you can take a magic pass.

IMG_3534 copy

when I saw the carrousel I immediately thought of PSY’s Gangnam Style. and later on I saw some people filming the Gangnam Style dance HAHAHAHAH.

IMG_3542 copy

just had to line up for this!

IMG_3546 copy

this was the most boring ride. but it was fun because me and Jia Yii tried talking normally on the ride. even when we were upside down hahahah. we just started blabbering random stuff and see who could sound most normal hahah.

IMG_3550 copy

when it’s near 8, you should save your spots!

IMG_3557 copy


IMG_3562 copy

if you’re boring you wouldn’t understand the fun part about the parade. only people with a little kid somewhere inside them will like it =P.

IMG_3563 copy

they are like celebrities.

IMG_3565 copy

phail T_T.

IMG_3576 copy

there was some vehicle blowing bubbles and when you pop the bubbles smoke will come out *sparkly eyes*. well they blow the bubble with smoky air so…… it’s very miraculous to see how the smoke is trapped in the bubble.

IMG_3589 copy

if only I was wearing red (or something matching) I would buy that.

IMG_3591 copy

HAHAHAHHAHA. ever seen a guy with a ribbon.. and a veil?

IMG_3600 copy

but right before you leave, please remember to go back outdoors to take a picture with the beautifully lit castle.

IMG_3607 copy

because it’s really pretty.

overall if you were to ask me to compare Everland with Lotte I would still pick Everland though the only few rides worth sitting there is T-Express, Safari and the skiing cable car thingy. but the thing is there’s a zoo and it’s much huger and much more to see. here, come here at 2pm and you’d still get to ride all of the games before it closes. but I got to say, most of the rides here are pretty damn amazing. especially the Viking here. it’s so bloody scary. I’ve never been so scared on Viking before. and their spinning cup is awesome. really, it’s different. there’s no which is better as they give a different feel. if you don’t have the whole day then go to Lotte World, if you do, then Everland. that’s my advice.

Everland – more of a zoo and theme park combined. the scariest Roller Coaster is there.
Lotte World – all about the rides!

and a very very lame video. haha. Manglish FTW.

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kaye of timeless confection

thanks for taking us to Lotte!!! Because of this entry, I had the hugest impulse to watch full house again and again….i miss rain and song hye kyo!!!! btw, you look great!!!!

11 years ago

I laughed over people doing Gangnam style at the carousel. I’ve never been to Lotte since I always went to Everland whenever I go there but I think it’s about time. I need to look for Jaejoong’s scribble while they were filming Protect the Boss there. By the way, most of Stairway to Heaven was filmed there too. I especially remember the scene on the skating rink where Choi Ji Woo and Kwon Sang Woo kissed. Gah! I’m squealing while thinking about it. haha!

11 years ago

Wow totally looks like fun! This is definitely on my to-do list when i go to Korea =) btw, your dress is soooo cute! I’m sure Korea has such cute dresses *jelly* haha

Cikgu Raha
Cikgu Raha
11 years ago

Hi Jamie, looks like you’re having so much fun in Seoul! Jamie, this is a new place I saw in one of the ‘running man’ shows. I dono whether you’ve covered it or not. Check-it out!

Ken Wooi
11 years ago

I was there.. back in 2003! Almost 10 years ago, and I can’t really recall much. 😛
Nice photos!

11 years ago

OMG! this place is way too awesome! really, i need to go Korea for vacation wey! =P

11 years ago

Hiya great blog you have there! I am a new reader and have been reading your blog about Yonsei (I’m still at the April entries) because I just started my Yonsei exchange in August. Curious to know, are you still a student here?

11 years ago

Omg the rides sound so awesome! It’s like a combination of Disneyland and Thorpe park (London) combined! 😀 Disneyland rides are super kiddy and no fun 🙁 and the only awesome thing are the deco and parades and stuff (went to Tokyo D land+sea twice)

Didn’t go lotte world in my Seoul trip but I imagine it to be quite difficult since I’m no good at Korean (& no personal korean translator haha)

Halida A.
10 years ago

Hi 🙂 I’m going to Seoul at the end of July and since it’s summer I think I will go to Lotte World instead of Everland. Was it enough to ride the good attractions when you entered the park at 4 PM? I’m considering getting the late admission ticket too hehe.
By the way, nice dress! Looks so good with the pretty background ~ 🙂