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ignore my Mr Bean “if you know what I mean” meme face. BUSAN IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. if only I knew it was this pretty I should’ve went there on the hottest day of Summer. but even so, I am at least 3 shades tanner now T_T. there are so much more to come and I can’t wait to tell you more about Busan. as for now I shall get to bed. GOODNIGHT!

PS : that was in Taejongdae

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Quang Hue
11 years ago

Namo Amitabha, hi Jamie, the beach maybe good for you to swim in hot summer day. Make sure to swim in group, not to swim alone. What does ‘meme’ mean in Chinese? Have a good trip. My website: I wish you have more Wisdom.

11 years ago

Seems like Busan shall be my next stop when I go to Korea (and this was influenced by Reply 1997…forgive me for always talking about dramas in my comment. >.<)

Go to the beach, swim while autumn's not yet in its full force.

Ah Ran
Ah Ran
11 years ago

annyeong…bangapseumnida!!! i really love to read every your post. it’s really interesting, especially about korea. OMG!!! i’m big fans of korea. you’re so lucky can stay soooo long in korea. i really want to visit long in there too. hahahha… you’re so beautiful too. you looks like park shin hye and suzy miss A. kekekeke…. sorry for my bad english. :p