it isn’t me who’s graduating of course! I will be level 5 next semester and my graduation ceremony? end of March if I do not have to resit level 5 which was told to be the hardest.


so looking at how my seniors graduate, giving speeches until I want to cry myself wth. I can’t imagine how it would be like having to leave our friends. even now our friends have left us one by one. =S. but when we leave.. we would really miss each other.

IMG_3652 copy

Nakdo from China! she told me renting one of these Hanboks starts from 70,000won and most people’s ones are 200,000won. faints. that’s 200-600ringgit just for rental! heck.

IMG_3653 copy

the most beautiful Hanbok that day. it was worn by most of the Korean Geisha’s last time. because only they can afford such expensive hanboks. but it was absolutely sexy <3. she’s from Turkey! her hair’s longer than mine can you believe it. people say I am an asian version of her. but it’s probably because of the hair.

IMG_3654 copy

probably the last time meeting Jonas, from Denmark. Korean Denmarkian. haha.

IMG_3670 copy

and another fellow Malaysian! =3. Li Ern from Penang! her parents came as well T_T. I wish my sister would come but no wayyyyyyyyy. sigh.

IMG_3672 copy

say hi to Yonsei’s Student Cafeteria. not that cheap compared to other Uni’s but still cheaper than what’s sold outside. pretty isn’t it? clean too!

IMG_3675 copy

found out we have dosirak in our campus too. don’t really dine here but I think I will come here more often for this. except we can’t shake it (read my Nami Island Summer post!). well just gotta mix it ourselves. we have 3 huge cafeterias like this one. one sells pasta and all, another more to korean food and this is.. korean and fusion, a little more classier.

IMG_3677 copy

Andre from Brazil! =D. another close friend from KLI. can’t imagine school without him =/.

IMG_3678 copy

the very big portion 3,000won jjajangmyun. heck it’s huge. a little spicy as well which makes it super delicious pfft. I must eat that. but even Andre can’t finish it. I gotta share it with a girl!

IMG_3681 copy

it was the first few days of the term for Degree students but our last day. hence a lot of clubs are recuiting members, just like what’s seen on TV! Y MALAYSIA UNI NOT AS MANY CLUBS! =S.

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11 years ago

congratz to all ya seniors! ๐Ÿ˜€

11 years ago

wow ! the cafeteria looks more like food court so clean and nice. compare to ours very shameful indeed.

11 years ago

save save a bit and by the time you graduated, you’ll get to rent the most beautiful Hanbok ๐Ÿ™‚

11 years ago

Actually, what course are you doing in Yonsei? Izit jz solely to study language or u’re doin ur undergrad there? Sound so fun to stay for a longer time.:)

11 years ago

no mortar hat wan ah? so when do u expect urs

11 years ago

Omg those hanboks are just beautiful! Here, we just put our graduation robes on over our dresses (or suits, if you’re a guy). I wish we had a traditional dress like in Korea! Also, that Danish-Korean guy is very cute indeed! =]

11 years ago

Hi, I am from malaysia and am ineresting study in korea. Can i know is that many foreigners study in korea for courses other than korean languages, like psychology, IT or engineerings? Will it be worth to study in korea for those science subjects?

11 years ago

Hello, obviously i am from malaysia. i hope you can help me with my below questions as much as You Can. Malaysian Girl must help Malaysian Girl . let me introduce myself, i am Elin, 23 years old. i have a college degree.

i will study master degree in Korea this year 2013. i am so scared to be alone in foreign place & i guess i am at korean level 2. i can’t really understand koeran. so scared.

1. Do Yonsei Regular Program have many homework ?

i ask you this Q because i go to look at Yonsei website, there is a University Korean program

But the Program only have 5 levelโ€“ Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, and Advanced level.
Number of Weeks: 6 Weeks (per term)
โ–ถ Hours of Instruction: 210 hours (200 hours of Korean, 10 hours of TOPIK test class)
โ–ถ Class days: Monday to Friday
โ–ถ Class Hours: 7 hours/day (9:00 am to 5:00 pm)

But the Regular Program have 6 level of 200 hours. i am not sure which one is Better ?
This university program locate at Address: 162-1 Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon 406-840, South Korea.

2. Is Incheon boring ?

3. how to pay fees to Yonsei in Malaysia ? the website talks about telegraphic transfer.
This telegraphic transfer can it be done in Korea itself ? can i used credit card to pay ?

4. If i study 1 term of korean language , do i need to apply alien registration card ?

5. how long Malaysian can stay in Korea without Visa ? is it 3 months ?

6. If required visa, how long the visa can be done in malaysia?

7. i guess you are at level 4 of regular program, can you read the korean newspaper ?
can you understand korean drama with substitle ? how much you understand ? 70per cent%

8. Is there any Malaysian Club ?

9. do you know any housing agent who can speak english ? if Yes, email to me –

i ask you this because Goshiwon is too small for long term. If i study korean from level 2 & master degree,
i guess is about 2 years +. i prefer to rent apartment.

10. the people who study regular program , do they just intend to study korean Or they want to study korean because they want to enter the University program ?

i ask you this bcuz i saw some blog talk badly about people who study in yonsei. the blog said some of the students are hooker sth, or bad boys or sth. i am very worry. you know malaysian girl is more traditional.
& the blog say Seoul National University korean program is more high class & the students are the students who will study at the Uni after passing level 6.

Thank you very much. i hope you will not be offended by asking so many Question. i am a bit worry & talkative & a bit of 38. Ha Ha

End of the Questions.