dear foodies/korean addicts. you think you read the 100 things you must eat in Seoul is enough? not yet, because most of them did not introduce you to the famous Suljib (Alcohol place) soup, the fish egg soup. we call it the “al-tang”.

IMG_3754 copy

I absolutely love the al-tang. they are chopped in bite sizes and the soup are usually filled with it. yummy. usually a little spicy and has a lot of tofu in it as well. I am not a big fan of tofu just like Mr.JeremyTeo, but eating it with the aromatic soup, it’s pretty good!

IMG_3756 copy

the normal sight if you go to a suljib.

IMG_3757 copy

my favourite makgeolli + cider!!! and they serve it in a bowl usually. this bowl is different, there are handles on it! well just for your info, the makgeolli and cider don’t come as a set. but usually Koreans would order it and mix it themselves. it’s like a local favourite. no, I mean, it’s like THE WAY TO DRINK MAKGEOLLI. but make sure you only mix the normal white makgeolli with cider. once we bought some brown makgeolli and it tastes so awful with cider.

IMG_3755 copy

was in Hongdae with Andy from 9 berries! I am always a fan of 9 berries. there are many times where I would go to class earlier (I studied in ICLS in Fahrenheit) and would walk all the way from Fahrenheit to Pavilion and take that bridge connecting to KLCC and get off halfway at KL City Walk just to drop by 9 berries for a cup of blueberry/strawberry frozen yoghurt ice cream. and I always order large. with a belgian waffle to go with. belgian waffle is a complete Korean thing in my opinion. they are sold everywhere here, but in KL? I am pretty sure only 9 berries have it. and since I’ve been here, 9 berries still have the best ice cream and belgian waffles with the BEST PRICES. for the same price here you can only get a small cup whereas you can get a huge cup in 9 berries!

Andy does not pay me to say this haha. he is just really nice and friendly and we became friends eventually as I was a regular =D. and no I am not pro-Korean everything either. I even got Natalie (Chai) addicted to it!

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11 years ago

Ah, i like altang too!

kaye of timeless confection

hi jamie! when we went to KL last year, we stayed at piccolo hotel which was just right in front of fahrenheit. your school’s location is really awesome considering it’s sandwiched between sephora and pavilion. hihihi. anyway, i wish i knew about 9 berries before. it’s only now that i’ve really heard about it.