well that’s kind of the direct translation of  “pal saek samgyupsal”, 8 color pork belly meat. haha. it’s very easy to find. just get to Sinchon and take exit 6, walk towards Sogang University but instead of walking on the left side of the road walk on the right side. and you’ll definitely see it.

it’s a chain so you might come across the one in Daehakno and the other one near Sinchon U-plex as well.

IMG_2089 copy

the shop is located underground and there’s a huge pig on the logo.

IMG_2090 copy

the whole shop is basically “decorated” with tonnes of TV appearances upon entry.

IMG_2095 copy

plenty of tables inside but sometimes the queue will still be pretty damn long =S. no doubt filled with foreigners as it’s advertised on various foreign magazines but to my surprise there were actually a lot of locals as well!

IMG_2093 copy

the prettiest way of serving sangchu/raw vege for you to wrap your meat in.

IMG_2097 copy

and their specialty, 8 colour pork belly meat! there was Ginseng, Pine, Miso, Wine, Gochujang, Curry, Herb and Garlic. Wine and Curry was my favourite but the Ginseng and Herb ones was the strongest in taste.

IMG_2098 copy

me and 8 different types of samgyupsal!

epic phail hahaha.

IMG_2099 copy

went with Martha. I was here before but I am more of a pure samgyupsal dipped in ssamjang or just plain sesame oil with a pinch of salt girl but she insisted on trying it since it’s really famous so here we are =D.

IMG_2102 copy

they are famous for their Kimchi. it’s pretty good when you wrap it up together with the raw vege. but the flavour of the marinated pork kind of disappears and there’s also a sign writing that you should eat the marinated pork as it is; not wrapping it up or anything. they come with soup as well with a little seafood. the soup was GOOOOOOOD.

IMG_2108 copy

it’s no doubt delicious but I have 1 problem with this place. only 1.

IMG_2111 copy

it’s the price.

IT’S SO BLOODY EXPENSIVE!! the 8 colour set menu is actually meant for like 3 people or 2 really big eaters. and if you come at night you would want to order makgeolli or soju. so it will sum up to 40,000won at least. that’s about 120ringgit. too expensive for a poor student like me U_U. so coming here once in a blue moon is alright. but not always. =D.

the 8 colour set is 34,000won.

but if you’re traveling, you should not be such a stingy person like me =D.

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