chose the Buddha’s Birthday to visit this famous temple because I love being in crowded places =D. well, not everytime but at least during festivals.

IMG_0497 copy

the Buddha’s Birthday is a BIG thing in Korea. and of course, it’s a public holiday here. =D.

(and there was some Christians or something else who was protesting outside the temple about the festival, not sure but I guess it meant that we shouldn’t have holiday on the Buddha’s Birthday D=. quite insulting to us Buddhists pfft.)

IMG_0501 copy

all stuff for Buddhists!

IMG_0503 copy

pretty lotus tanglongs!

IMG_0507 copy

upon reaching. the crowd is no joke.

IMG_0514 copy

and the tanglongs were so pretty!

IMG_0516 copy

filled with the colours of Korea.

IMG_0519 copy

I was thinking the lanterns formed the atlas but.. maybe not. haha.

IMG_0526 copy

everyone gets a brooch for visiting!

IMG_0529 copy

and this is only the front part of the temple.

IMG_0533 copy

the queue to shower the doll was perhaps 20minutes long so.. I was pretty lazy.

IMG_0540 copy

heart shaped lanterns!

IMG_0563 copy

love this picture =3.

IMG_0565 copy

and the SECOND part of the lanterns. madness yes? but I heard the one in Busan is even crazier D=.

IMG_0574 copy

traditional performances!

IMG_0588 copy

the more typical view of Jogyesa Temple.

IMG_0590 copy

the gold symbol on the roof reminds me of “sharringgan!” if you watch Naruto.

but love how the Pigeon landed on top of the sculpture.

IMG_0592 copy

museums (well, very tiny ones) right next to the temple.

IMG_0594 copy

the scene of people sitting on benches all around Seoul is always very comforting to my eyes =3.

IMG_0608 copy

everything has a queue to it. but I queued for this. which is to enter the temple.

IMG_0609 copy

THIS is the queue. pfft. but with my friend chatting away with me it wasn’t that difficult haha.

IMG_0610 copy

and finally we entered the temple! very beautiful. you’re supposed to bow 3 times. just copy how the Koreans do it. they literally kneel down each time they bow.


people camping outside praying. madness.

IMG_0597 copy

pigeons. they are called “bidulgi” here. you’d find them EVERYWHERE. not sure if they are actually dangerous but Korean girls are very scared of them. it’s funny how they will act as if they saw a cockroach each time a pigeon come near. haha.

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11 years ago

The tanglungs are pretty. Cuteness level over 9000 sia. Sad to say we dont have festival like this in MAlaysia

11 years ago

wow! i like this place! what a cultural place to visit! 🙂

Da Feng
Da Feng
11 years ago

Why do Korean girls scared of pigeons although they aren’t dangerous? Did you snapped photos of girls escaped from pigeons? The colourful tanglungs are beautiful. People who have other religion should respect Buddha religion.