one thing I love about living in Sinchon is the crowd. on Fridays and Saturdays the street filled with HOF’s and eateries will be filled. but one of the most popular things to do here are eating food THAT GOES WELL WITH ALCOHOL!

IMG_2240 copy

welcome to Sinchon =D. it doesn’t look very classy but after all it’s a place for students. we decided to settle in a shop famous online, called 황소곱창 (hwang so gop chang) or something. there’s 2 gopchang shops side to side but I went to the one fully sealed up (the other one have open air tables, and is said to be more delicious.)

IMG_2243 copy

they come with a little bit of cold noodles to trigger your taste buds =3.

IMG_2244 copy

this is called the mo-deum. it means “everything”. we have gopchang (cow’s small intestines), makchang (large intestines) and the heart. the cow’s heart. I know right. but it’s disgustingly delicious. seriously. I loved the makchang and heart but the gopchang was too chewy for my taste here. the shop I visited for my birthday was much better for gopchang since it wasn’t hard to chew at all.

IMG_2245 copy

never understood the idea of low aprons. they will still stain the shirt T_T. maybe it prevents drunk/clumsy girls from dropping a piece of oily gopchang on their skirt.

IMG_2250 copy

bokkeumbab! fried rice. looks so pretty, just gotta take a picture of it. Korean fried rice are AWESOME. it’s a must try.

okay so there are 3 famous gopchang shops in Sinchon that I know of. the directions to the one said to be the best is….

if you’re at Sinchon Rotary, keeeeeeeeeep walking towards Yonsei University and you will see a Church on the right. and right opposite the Church there’s a road. OPPOSITE the Church. just go straight in that road and turn left on the 2nd junction. and it’s the corner lot on the first left junction. the one I went to is just next to it. it’s at… after that 2nd junction earlier, keep walking straight even after the 1st shop and you will see it on your left as well.

as for the one I went to on my birthday, while walking along Sinchon Rotary (heading towards Yonsei), walk on the left side of the road and you will see Addidas on the corner lot and turn left on that alley. and then let your nose do the job. it smells the BEST there. and as a tourist, I would prefer to try this shop because it has a better presentation of gopchang wth. picture perfect. haha.

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Tian Chad
11 years ago

Wah those pork meat looks really delicious =D

11 years ago

hi Jamie…
can we find the Gopchang at Myeongdong restaurants? do you have any recomendation there? how much is the gopchang?