the title means the kind “Hoddeok” guy.

공기 호떡 (gong-gi hoddeok, which means empty hoddeok) is more like a traditional type of Korean bread. his van is placed right at the entrance of Yonsei’s main gate. it’s quite impossible to not see it. I’ve passed by it for months now and finally decided to give it a try. but being the girl who always run out of change, I handed him a 10,000won note for a 800won hoddeok. and he was out of change.

but you know what?


공기 호떡 @ 연대앞에

he told me to just take it. U________U. *touched*. such nice people still exist! and to my surprise, even though his hoddeok is empty, but it’s SUPER DUPER delicious. I now regret why did I not give it a try from the start. I’ve heard a lot of hoddeoks taste bad but his is so good. it’s crispy and the inside’s fragrantly sweet. can’t describe much. must try it yourself. please buy more! it’s yummy. 3 for 2,000won!

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8 years ago


Was researching about Seoul when I came across your blog. Great help! Was wondering if you do know that this hoddeok stall is still available now? I’m going in mid Sept 🙂