one spot that’s not very well advertised on the “visit Korea” site but is very near numerous famous spots like Gyeongbokgung (which is near to Samcheongdong which is alsooooooo near to Insadong andddddd Changgyeonggung/Changdeokgung) and the King Sejong statue right in front of Gyeongbokgung. in fact, it’s RIGHT at the statue.

anyways read on!

IMG_1488 copy

love how Korea preserve their nature eventhough it’s slowly turning into a concrete jungle. on the picture above, a construction is going on on the right. and can you see trees camouflaging into the forest background? =D. pretty awesome if you’d ask me.

also, last week Seoul was kind of going through a drought so they had big tubes of water and a flowering pot for you to fill it in yourself and do some community service on your free time. smart yes? and people actually does it! I did it too =D.

IMG_1489 copy

where the bus stop us at.

IMG_1496 copy

colours of Korea!

IMG_1509 copy


IMG_1514 copy

like the drama’s, couples fooling around at the fountain!

IMG_1525 copy

Admiral Yi Sun-Shin!

IMG_1532 copy

super cute baby!

IMG_1533 copy

linking to the subway. right behind the Admiral’s statue.

IMG_1534 copy

padi display!

IMG_1536 copy

spot the face. haha. it’s pretty special. there was a really awesome indie band behind as well which later on attracted a lot of people =D.

IMG_1539 copy

the great King Sejong!

IMG_1546 copy

with the great King Sejong!!!

IMG_1550 copy

to the Subway station!

IMG_1551 copy

Haechi toys. a LOT of them.

IMG_1552 copy

where Iris was filmed! at Gwanghwamun Square!

IMG_1556 copy

and the King Sejong Museum is of course, DIRECTLY behind the King Sejong statue. have never thought of it.

IMG_1557 copy

the wide garden space in front of Gyeongbokgung!

IMG_1560 copy

love how couples are like here. not exactly like the drama’s or anything actually but they look really happy!

IMG_1567 copy

spring’s over but flowers are still all around! spot the lavender!

IMG_1569 copy

=D! camho!

IMG_1572 copy

take 2!

IMG_1579 copy

take 3! saw someone posing like this so I copied wth. hahahaha.

IMG_1585 copy

okay so lets start our journey to King Sejong’s Museum!

IMG_1586 copy

I should be honest with you. I didn’t actually read everything inside. I joined the activities that looked fun and was actually fun to me. but one particular article there really caught my attention. it was the Cia-Cia island. it’s somewhere in Indonesia where they do not have a writing system so they adapted the Korean writing system so that their language will not extinct. thought it was pretty awesome. =D.

IMG_1587 copy

upon entry!

IMG_1591 copy

the early hangeul writings. so difficult to read. T_T. a mixture of hangeul and hanja actually.

IMG_1593 copy

Admiral Yi Sun Shin!

IMG_1596 copy

awwww. <3. they are not exactly that young but still awwwwww.

IMG_1597 copy

the place where you can learn how to make an (educational) fan for free! not recommended for those who can’t read and write Korean because it requires you to write Korean phrases from King Sejong. but you can choose to draw drawings instead =D.

IMG_1599 copy

the turtle ship! for war!

IMG_1602 copy

my own turtle ship wth.

IMG_1603 copy

for the boys.

IMG_1606 copy

I once used to feel tall. until I came here I feel super short. or just average. Korean girls are SO TALL!

IMG_1608 copy

the insides of the war ship.

IMG_1613 copy

and my personal favourite. somewhere for you to leave your mark and memories on. =3. writing your name and country in Korean!

IMG_1619 copy

Issac said my writings are like an elementary school kid =(. I was trying to copy the professionals. but failed big time U_U.

IMG_1624 copy

left the right one there. try to spot it if you can!

right! foreigners can write 2. you can take 1 home and put 1 there. and if you want, they can mail yours to you. for locals, they can only write 1 =S. and cannot leave any there.

IMG_1627 copy

Issac’s one is actually pretty cool T_T.

IMG_1630 copy

the dragon is le win! good job, Elden Woo from New Zealand!

IMG_1631 copy

I was trying to copy writings like theseeeeeeeeee. T_T.

IMG_1633 copy

and later I went to make my fan. =3.

IMG_1635 copy

I felt so stupid when I was walking back. initially I thought it was just a wall filled with notes. BUT IT’S THE ADMIRAL’S FACE!!!

IMG_1641 copy

hangeul chair.

IMG_1643 copy

it reads as “HA”!

IMG_1645 copy

art with the Andro boy in it!

IMG_1646 copy

all hail Queen Jamie!

okay see you later time to studyyyyyyyyy >=D. RAWR!

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11 years ago

I went here too lol ! Just got back from my 2 weeks trip. Your blog has been extremely helpful mainly, I visited the majority of the places you mentioned on here based on your reviews ha.

11 years ago

hi jamie, i will email you soon. i’m almost coming 🙂

11 years ago

Hi Jamie, your blog sure helped me a lot for my upcoming trip to Korea in Oct. Looking forward to you introducing more fun places to visit and places for good food. By the way izzit hard to communicate in Korea without knowing Korean?

Sidetrack abit, your photos are all very photogenic. You can even be a blogshop model in Singapore.

Ezequiel Tutoni
8 years ago

Very good post! We will be linking to this particularly great post on our website. Keep up the great writing.