if you know me well then you should know that I am not so much of an alcoholic. but after coming to Korea I kind of got used to their Soju and Beer culture where you HAVE TO DRINK. and at the top of all Korean Alcohol, I love Makgeolli. and we drink it with Cider (very similar to 7 Up, can’t really tell the difference anyway). but there are times where you don’t want to go for the usual Makgeolli, Soju or Beer, but some good old drinks you often drink back at your own country.

IMG_0285 copy

there are plenty of bars, and mostly very unique and cute. and this one we went to is near the Ikan Bakar in Sinchon on the 2nd floor. you would notice the sweet red window.

IMG_0284 copy

Mr Mun had his favourite Gin and Tonic (so American lol) and me, my favourite Baileys with milk. all girls love Baileys. I almost carried a bottle of Baileys from Malaysia because my Korean friends have no idea what Baileys are and told me it’s unavailable here pfft but my baggage was too heavy so I couldn’t carry anything more =S.

IMG_0283 copy

I would like to emphasize that bars in Korea are INDEED very worthy of a visit. there are the posh ones in Gangnam which cater the elites but I think one should always visit these creative little cozy bars. the laps are decorated with all kinds of stuff from tissues to lacy coasters. some with messages on it.

IMG_0282 copy

according to Mr Mun, gays are often seen here. despite being a country that do not accept Homosexuals, there are more open homo’s all around. especially lesbians. I see them EVERYWHERE. holding hands openly and one party always the boyish looking one and then a girly looking one (quite pretty hahaha).

IMG_0279 copy

another thing about this place is they paint their tables with acrylic paint; just random abstracts and they keep lighting candles until it became that big ^.

IMG_0277 copy

their menu, very much effort. every page is written nicely and also decorated with cute drawings.

IMG_0276 copy

well there are more drawings. and their prices are rather reasonable judging a cup of coffee here in a Cafe would cost just slightly below what these drinks cost. Baileys, if I am not wrong was 6,000won. that’s the same price as any standard drinks in a Cafe.

IMG_0654 copy

I actually have exams tomorrow. you know you miss my face eventhough it is getting paler and sicker each time. I will eat right and take care of myself more! AFTER MY EXAMS. hehehe.

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11 years ago

dont drink too much! good luck for ur exams

11 years ago

Pretty face, don’t drink too much. Not too good for your skin. 🙂

11 years ago

All the best and good luck in your exam ya ! Take good care of yourself there okay ! =D

11 years ago

Hey i emailed u! Im in busan but will be back to seoul tonight.

11 years ago

What brand of skin care you use? You have greeeaaat skin~ =P