I was dreadddddding to go to Hanging for the longest time. so finally I went. Hangang is very very very long so this part is one of the most famous spots to go to; Seonyudo. it’s like a really tiny island near Nami Island with a beautiful park in it. I mean, the whole island is a park.

IMG_1076 copy

you can basically finish the whole hour in within an hour if you keep walking and walking. or less. not sure haha. but it ain’t big I can assure you.

in Korea, people go to parks for their free time. it’s such a beautiful sight. a healthy destination.

IMG_1078 copy

so very green! not like it would be the most beautiful place on earth but it is no doubt very relaxing to be at.

IMG_1079 copy

there are also some shallow pools and even a sand playground behind if you can see. a lot of those wide table-like wooden seats you can see in dramas where they eat there. it’s quite common here really.

IMG_1080 copy

either that or a mat! with their picnic basket for families/couples or just random beer and chicken for the youngsters. I wonder if all Korean families own a mat. because I would love to join in. I shall look for a Korean friend asap D=. all my Korean friends are either too far away from me or in the army. or busy. le sigh.

anyway there’s like a resting area there and guess what. there was a woman with 2 really cute pomeranian dogs! <3.

IMG_1081 copy

oh god. I was playing with it for so long until I don’t wanna go. the dogs don’t even bark much and they are soooo friendly <3.

IMG_1086 copy

OMGGG IT TILTED ITS HEAD AND EVERYONE AROUND ME WAS LIKE “AHH!! LOOK AT IT!!” guess it was wondering what’s a camera.  but really zomg super duper cute. *melts*. my mom and I have a weak point for dogs. I still remembered searching for the Dog cafe 2 years ago for 2 hours and my mom got sooo grumpy but once she saw the dogs her mood changed 180degrees!

IMG_1091 copy

couples doing what couples do.

IMG_1093 copy

you think our Penang Bridge is beautiful? well, there are aplenty here. and our Penang Bridge was built by Hyundai! though not designed by them haha. they are famous for building bridges I guess. there are so many pretty bridges around here.

IMG_1102 copy

utterly cute dogs.

IMG_1103 copy

love these dogs. they kept posing for my camera =D. dogs are usually very hard to capture if you’re not close with them D=. but these dogs are just friendly <3.

IMG_1108 copy

see!!!! <3. the little girl’s really cute as well ahhhhhhh. love dogs. and kids.

IMG_1111 copy

lavenders. my sister’s favourite flower. I am not really sure if they are actually since they do not have a strong smell but they do sure look like it haha.

IMG_1119 copy

and a bed of flowers. well not really but it’s still pretty!

IMG_1127 copy copy

wanted to camwhore with the flowers but my hair blocked them =(.

IMG_1142 copy

hello =D.

IMG_1147 copy

love this picture. the other side’s the trails of Hangang. and can you see the 63 Building?!

IMG_1148 copy

the jogging and bicycle trails on the opposite side. which is just a bridge away from Seonyudo. and so we did. in the middle of nowhere there’s like a standalone 7 Eleven. but the stuff they sell inside is pretty different. there are a LOT of Ramen.

IMG_1150 copy

and bowls made of foil for you to cook em. instead of Shin Ramyeon, I find those in the yellow packet pretty nice too! Jin Ramyeon or something. because it’s spicy =D.

IMG_1153 copy

I’ve never seen so many expensive bicycles in my life. these people are so healthy. and they actually are pretty geared up! with their spandex pants and helmet.

IMG_1161 copy

how they fish here. I am pretty sure they all belong to one person =X.

IMG_1172 copy

evening view.

IMG_1174 copy

more people fishing.

IMG_1180 copy

a part of Hangang. the highway above is actually the road from Sinchon then Hongdae, Hapjeong and there. I can actually walk here. it takes probably lik 4-6km.

IMG_1182 copy

poser queen D=.

IMG_1193 copy

fishing in a stylish way.

IMG_1211 copy

have I ever told you that Korea take their orang cacat (the disabled) very seriously. they have a lift everywhere. but this one is meant also for people with bikes to get to the main road.

IMG_1212 copy

the lift that slides up sideways. and it’s so pretty. there’s aircond inside so I would take it several times if it’s really hot HAHAHHA.

IMG_1213 copy

I am imagining a fashion shoot here. who wants to be my model?!

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Da Feng
Da Feng
11 years ago

better cut your hair to short so that your hair won’t block things behind you. haha.

11 years ago

omg! the doggy is so cuteee! 😀

11 years ago

lol im actually a korean but lived overseas for half of my life.
i actually lived in KL for 3 years and a half.
im thinking about backpacking in korea.
any recommendations?

throw me a message on fb or something. tim yonghee park

11 years ago

Hi , I think there is a picture which is not suppose to be there. Better check.