of all palaces, they say Deoksugung is one of the prettiest. and because of the royal guards exchange sessions, Deoksugung has attracted not only foreigners, but a lot of the locals too.

IMG_6288 copy

so lets start with the Royal Guards Exchange Ceremony shall we?

IMG_6286 copy

Deoksugung is probably one of the only few palaces here that does this. or maybe the only one. from what I was told, their ceremony is exactly the same as hundreds of years ago.

IMG_6277 copy

they have 3 ceremonies each day, so it’s hard to miss =D. at 11:00, 14:00 and 15:30. closed on Mondays though.

IMG_6271 copy

not going to say that it is very fun to watch but it is pretty interesting to see how much they do just by changing guards.

IMG_6293 copy

and their outfit are really colourful. very traditionally Korean at least =D.

IMG_6290 copy

the drums part is probably my favourite part! it makes my heart jump hehehe. feels like the drama’s too!

IMG_6295 copy

the pictures above are not taken by me, obviously. hahaha, they are from Wai Kit. =D. he uses a 600D and a macro lens.

IMG_6232 copy

and this is how Deoksugung look like without the ceremony.

IMG_6262 copy

trying to be all Bollywood. hahaha.

IMG_7266 copy

the entrance tickets are cheaper than expected. and inside, there are more Koreans than foreigners.

IMG_7274 copy

the famous building in Deoksugung.

IMG_7279 copy

the view behind.

IMG_6250 copy

if I’m not mistaken, one of the Kings was very into the western culture and brought it back to their palace. and hence..

IMG_7281 copy

tada!! totally unexpected to be inside a traditional palace right?

IMG_7282 copy

and the traditional bits. reminds me of Sungkyunkwan.

IMG_7289 copy

you can’t go into most places because most stuff inside are old.

IMG_7290 copy

like, really old.

IMG_7298 copy

like taking picture like this =P. makes it look “artistic”.

IMG_7299 copy

Deoksugung is like one of the smaller palaces. but it’s still pretty huge. =S. but according to my China friend, Gyeongbokgung (where people have been complaining that it’s tooooo big to complete in a few hours) is NO MATCH to China’s forbidden city. well, it’s China =S.

IMG_7302 copy

poser queen. =D.

IMG_7311 copy


IMG_7319 copy

old bell is old.

IMG_7323 copy


IMG_7331 copy


IMG_7332 copy

like how they make their pathways so pretty.

IMG_7333 copy

and love how Koreans can mix the colours that never seem to match, but always making it appear together so well.

IMG_7335 copy

applying eyeliner is something I do not always do!

IMG_7341 copy

it’s right in front City Hall. take exit 2 (line 1) or exit 12 (line 2).

IMG_7342 copy

I guess this place would look awesome in Autumn.

IMG_7346 copy

guard is pretty tall. I wonder if someone touch them they would move hahahah.

IMG_7353 copy

colours of Korea.

IMG_7358 copy

ajumma selling dried food (fish and squid) with some chestnuts. those dried food are really nice when you eat them with mayo + soy sauce =D. they aren’t cheap though if you eat them in a HOF.

IMG_6268 copy

and the famous stone-wall road that looks extraordinary during Autumn. don’t believe me? google 덕수궁 돌담길 and see how awesome those pictures look. but no matter how pretty, it has a scary myth.

it is said that couples who walk through this road will eventually break up. so most couples actually DO walk through here to test their love for each other.

so would you risk your relationship to “test” your love?

IMG_6263 copy

love this picture.

IMG_7366 copy

see! couples spotted! to get here, say if you’re facing Deoksugung’s front gate, walk to the left and you’ll find yourself here. it’s much shorter than I’ve expected it to me though.

IMG_7369 copy

and along this road there are plenty of beautiful arts for sale.

IMG_7411 copy

well me and Wai Kit were kind of bored. so we went around asking for pictures hehe.

but they all look so serious @_@.

IMG_7412 copy

his eye’s are pretty small but he blinked.

IMG_7413 copy

candid. haha.

IMG_7416 copy

the Malaysians in the Korean outfit. they have it for you to try it on for free! so just try it =D. it only lasts until like a certain time so make sure you line up fast. we were like the last two to get to try it. it’s during the exchange ceremony at around 2.00pm.

IMG_7418 copy

okay that’s all for now. bye!

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11 years ago

You do not look Malaysian at all with that hanbok. 😀 And was this taken some time ago? Cause your clothes are not so summery.

I guess I need to visit that palace now since I’m all done with Gyeongbok and Changdeok Palace. But then again, I need to visit the secret garden in Changdeok too!

Da Feng
Da Feng
11 years ago

I guess that I might saw something similar to the famous building in Deoksugung through few drama. don’t upset. you look like a pregnant woman when you wear the hanbok. excuse me if make you feel upset. do you know that which building for filming drama titled Dong Yi and Dr. JIN?

11 years ago

wooaahh !!!
beautiful hanbok . u look so goddess in that hanbok ^_^