when I blogged about Cheonggyecheon (could be found on my Travel page), I was told that this place is exceptionally beautiful at night too. and I have to say, it really is. I was lucky to be here right on the lantern festival too! there are many festivals in a year and Cheonggyecheon will always be prettily decorated on those special occasions =D. I guess you could check out the KTO website for the list of events. =D.

IMG_0199 copy

forgot to mention, the Gwanghwamun Square is like right next to Cheonggyecheon =D.

IMG_0206 copy

and here it is at night!

IMG_0211 copy

very crowded as well. but thankfully, just around here.

IMG_0216 copy

took like 10 pictures all blur so I gave up pfft. look there are people video calling behind me haha.

IMG_0227 copy


IMG_0236 copy

and the less crowded scene. just a little further behind.

IMG_0246 copy

the laser show.

IMG_0249 copy

mist from the laser show made the picture so mysterious D=!!

IMG_0252 copy

drawings by kids. you read it right! KIDS. so prettily drawn!

IMG_0258 copy

because sitting by the stream with beer and chicken is so much fun, I think you should do it too if you have time in Korea =D.

IMG_0261 copy

view from above.

IMG_0268 copy

finally a clear picture! phew. okay until next time! please recommend me places to go too! =3.

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11 years ago

Very beautful place. 🙂

11 years ago

this is totally random, but is your boyfriend korean? :p

11 years ago

aw, perfect dating spot. except that it’s too crowded. *wink*
have you ever been to han river? at night? 🙂
ooh ooh, nami island!! saw it on wgm. me want. x_x

11 years ago

the laser show? first time hearing that! 🙂

11 years ago

Hi Jamie!
What a fantastic place!
You’re really lucky to be there!! I wish to could travel to Korea one day!