BEHOLD MY 83 PICTURE POST! because I tried my best to show you MOST of what’s inside. but if I am not wrong they change certain stuff from time to time so it wouldn’t ALWAYS be the same. I’m just guessing it judging that there are new posters outside wrapped with see through plastic.

been wanting to come here but I kept forgetting until a reader told me to visit it and so I did!

this place would probably take around 2 hours if you would like to take a lot of pictures. I think a tripod is unnecessary since there are plenty of people inside and also workers to help you take pictures. the downside of it would be the PRICE. it costs 13,000won. that’s quite expensive to me but oh well..

IMG_1256 copy

if you know where is Hongik University then all problems are settled. say, you are from the subway and you wanna walk to Hongik Univ., you will definitely pass by that crowded and popular Hongdae street. spot for Tony Moly and Holika Holika and walk IN BETWEEN that road. and you’ll see it. if not. click here, set to full size then scroll to the bottom.

IMG_1257 copy

the museum is located at Santorini Gallery. my 2nd dream honeymoon vacation is Santaroni if you do not know haha. so it’s kind of nice to have a mini Santorini here.

IMG_1258 copy

this is how it looks. I was quite shocked with it’s shabby outlook but never let it fool you. it’s actually not that bad. just go down 2 floors and…….

IMG_1259 copy

tada! you’ll be there! already so artsy fartsy at the stairs.

IMG_1261 copy

the gallery is basically free, except the museum =/.

IMG_1262 copy

I don’t know how some people took this picture like as if the hand is popping out from the ground. I tried that drink; Pocari Sweat, it’s like a super (duper) sucky 100plus.

IMG_1268 copy

you can also paint on porcelains =D for 5,000won. and that’s the promotion price.

IMG_1264 copy

MARVEL CHARACTERS!! love that Ironman and Captain America.

IMG_1270 copy

there will be a room upon exit of the museum for you to play “find Waldo” except that there’s no Waldo hahaha. once you’re done you can then collect your “prize” from spinning the wheel. they are all old kiddy snacks. old as in they were probably available in the 80s not like it’s expired. =D.

IMG_1271 copy

the map of the Trick Eye Museum!

IMG_1274 copy

the first art!

IMG_1275 copy

I could do better! if only I wore pants pfft.

also, because there are too many pictures and if you’re on the main page, click on the link below to view the full post!

IMG_1280 copy

cute kid is cute.

IMG_1281 copy


IMG_1283 copy

believe it or not. there are no steps at all! Issac thought they all look pretty fake and it’s a waste of money but they look pretty good in pictures haha.

IMG_1279 copy

when I saw this I thought. what’s so special?

IMG_1278 copy

and then I went “ooOOooOOhhhHHh” blurred the perv areas =D.

IMG_1289 copy

supposed to be about a man stuck in the hole or something. and you should try helping him get out of it.

IMG_1292 copy


IMG_1294 copy

Issac is a child molester. tsk tsk. =P.

IMG_1295 copy

someone should drink that. =P.

IMG_1298 copy

my parents used to say I have a fish’s lips. pfft.

IMG_1300 copy

the moment when you notice that they are playing go-stop but cheating with western cards…

IMG_1302 copy


IMG_1304 copy

my palm is as strong as the spear!

IMG_1306 copy

because there are just too many.

IMG_1318 copy

toooooooooo. many.

IMG_1314 copy

happy because she served me a man. oh. I mean, a man’s head. @_@.

IMG_1311 copy

this has got to be my favourite. at least it’s real illusion haha. I look so tiny yes?

IMG_1312 copy


IMG_1315 copy

don’t look at Medusa!

IMG_1326 copy

if you don’t move you get fat. HAHAHAHAH.

IMG_1332 copy

hahahahahhahahaha. fat Monalisa!

IMG_1334 copy

another nekkid picture.

IMG_1337 copy

that’s princess Jasmine! right?!

IMG_1339 copy

more random art. the not so interesting ones actually =X.

IMG_1340 copy


IMG_1345 copy

floating present!

IMG_1348 copy

hello. =3.

IMG_1349 copy

my mi-nam friend on his pink bike. tsk tsk. hahahah. mi-nam = pretty boy.

IMG_1350 copy

cupid’s making sure.

IMG_1352 copy

ooOOoooHhh lala.

IMG_1354 copy

the car plate reads Na-Choon-Sa. it means I’m an angel in a way. hahahah.

IMG_1356 copy

which is true.

IMG_1361 copy

now I shall spread my wings and fly!

IMG_1358 copy

okay next.

IMG_1363 copy

teehee. love turning guys gay.

IMG_1366 copy

better than raining men =P.

IMG_1369 copy

he has a thing for animals.

IMG_1371 copy

and I have a thing for shopping. most girls do =S.

IMG_1373 copy

MONEHHHHHH! it’s all won. =D.

IMG_1375 copy

the moment when I unlock the safe shall be the moment I look like the kid from home alone.

IMG_1378 copy

so it’s really their head! =/.

IMG_1380 copy


IMG_1383 copy

hahahahhahaha. affro is the in thing now.

IMG_1384 copy

row row row the boat.

IMG_1385 copy

just like that cat. amazed by butterflies.

IMG_1386 copy


IMG_1387 copy

why Pisa leaned. because I PUSHED IT! >=D.

IMG_1392 copy

huge tuna sushi is hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3.

IMG_1395 copy

first he touches a girl’s butt. and then he hits a guy’s butt. D=.

IMG_1397 copy

why’s the kid serving Makgeolli?!

IMG_1398 copy


IMG_1400 copy

you want gum gum?

IMG_1404 copy


IMG_1405 copy

long legs.

IMG_1406 copy

this is supposed to be “slim”. more like skinny. haha.

IMG_1407 copy


IMG_1408 copy


IMG_1409 copy

HAHAHAHAHHAHA. no comment. next!!!

IMG_1410 copy


IMG_1414 copy

these towels costs 30,000won yo!

IMG_1419 copy

the mirror room that is supposed to make you dizzy. I wasn’t though.

IMG_1423 copy

reminds me of Johnee‘s artworks. hahah. except his main character has a plant coming outta his armpit.

IMG_1426 copy


IMG_1428 copy

and this is her royal Jamieness.

IMG_1430 copy

candid. kind of. OH GOD MY LEGS! right. =/.

IMG_1434 copy

supposed to look sunken in.

IMG_1436 copy

how they designed Santorini Gallery like. filled with blue doors.

IMG_1438 copy

my cup of sheeps. super duper cute sheeps =3.

IMG_1446 copy

I’ve heard of coffee painting but wine painting? this is the first! goodness that pig look scary.

IMG_1451 copy

when the cutest and most famous characters are put together. HAHAHA.

IMG_1377 copy

okay bye!

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11 years ago

honestly, i didnt read ur wordsss i just see thru those photos and already can make me laugh! hahaha nice place to go!!

11 years ago

2 hrs for a museum is indeed a must go!…

Ken Wooi
11 years ago

Really nice illusions! πŸ˜€

Jan E
Jan E
11 years ago

woah you got a boyfriend already? y no share with us readers!!! stay happy okay~~~ is he like from america?

11 years ago

my eyeesssss… mind F* LOL! Such a nice museum πŸ™‚

11 years ago

I remember seeing this at the Hearstrings drama. It’s really nice to pose with the paintings.

11 years ago

wa damn cool! haha at first i saw the entrance pic that looked so dodgy i was like haaa why so expensive to go in. then when i saw the pics i went :O how the hell did all of it happen inside that unassuming place?!

11 years ago

OMG! this place is real awesome! every photos were like, SPEECHLESS!! Too attractive, too unique!! =]

11 years ago

Nice museum!! I like the naked body on bed one! XD So cheeky XD
do visit back! I blog a lot about Japan! *wink*

11 years ago

So I am the reader who reminds you to go ya? hehe…
I am going to 좘천 tomorrow! for about 1 month~~
If got time I will go to Seoul and have a visit here~

11 years ago

After seeing your post, I have decided to go tomorrow !! Another reason is because it keep raining today… and I am stuck in Yonsei….

Trick Eye Museum
8 years ago

Hello Jamie, thank you for visiting Trick Eye Museum in Seoul and hope you had great time with us. We would like to share some of your photo at TEM in our blog for English speakers ( If it’s ok with you, please let us know. Thank you! πŸ™‚