when it comes to travelling most people would just pick the easy way out on going through the main and popular road. but little did they know, that treasures are kept inside. there are quite a few interesting back alleys of Sinchon and here’s a little bit of it.

IMG_9248 copy

this is the same row on where CM’s box is. I have always been very amazed how pretty most restaurants and cafe here look like. so whatever it is, never be afraid to explore the smaller alleys.

IMG_9246 copy

there are plenty of cafes and restaurants that look like the one on top. at certain alleys, it have traditional looking single storey shops which always looked like they sell authentic Korean food to me hahaha. especially in Insa-dong, those little alleys are a must visit.

IMG_9249 copy

there are also weird looking buildings like this. the name of the shop is pojangmacha, which means those vendors at the roadside at winter but this, is a karaoke haha. and cafe too I think.

IMG_9242 copy

my favourite flavour. was told that there are actually much more flavour choices here compared to Malaysia. if you have a chance to visit Baskin Robbins in Korea, go for “Love Struck”! consists of choc, strawberry and cheesecake =D.


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11 years ago

Love struck seems interesting.